Do you know the right way to buy bananas? A small mistake can cause big loss.

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Banana is a fruit which is easily available throughout the year and is liked by everyone. The specialty of this fruit is that apart from being tasty, it is also beneficial for health. Many doctors also recommend eating a banana every day. Because banana works like a panacea in keeping the body healthy. Along with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese are also found in it.

Eating banana provides instant energy, so people include it in everything from salads to vegetables. Although people think that banana is the easiest to buy but still they make a mistake. That's why we are telling you the right way to buy bananas. By keeping these things in mind, you will get more benefit from the qualities and taste of this fruit.

Pay attention to the color of the banana

While buying a banana, first of all you should check its color carefully. The brighter yellow the color of the banana, the better and tastier it will be. But don't buy a banana that is both yellow and green in color, as it may be half-ripe inside and may not taste very good. Completely green bananas are raw, although they can be purchased to make vegetables. There should be minimum number of black spots on the banana, because having too many black spots causes the banana to rot quickly.

Pay attention to the size also

There are many varieties of bananas available in the market which differ in both taste and size. So try to buy only large-sized bananas, such bananas are fully ripe. Whereas small-sized bananas have more black spots and due to this the chances of it getting spoiled quickly increases. Apart from this, bananas which are small in size can be raw from inside, which can cause stomach pain.

take as needed

Take as needed

Banana is nutritious as well as cheap. That's why people buy a dozen bananas at a time, but buy only as many bananas as you can finish in 2 to 3 days. Also keep in mind the purpose of buying bananas. For example, if you are thinking of making banana shake for the whole family, then obviously you will have to buy more bananas. At the same time, if you eat only one banana every day, then buy them in small numbers. Keeping bananas for a long time can cause them to rot.

Do not eat cut bananas

Do not eat cut bananas

While buying cheap bananas, do not make the mistake of not checking them properly. If the banana is cut somewhere or its peel is removed then do not make the mistake of taking it. Such a banana spoils quickly and fungus starts growing in it very quickly and it also starts smelling bad.

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