Do not plan for Rishikesh on this day, it is a holiday so petrol will also be wasted, check the map before going

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People from all over the country are turning to Haridwar or Rishikesh to get relief from the scorching heat. There is so much crowd in Haridwar due to Ganga bath, while in Rishikesh people are going for sightseeing and river rafting. Let us tell you, people of Delhi are heading towards the mountains, fed up with the 50 degree temperature. Not only Delhi, but tourists from places like NCR, Chandigarh, Haryana are also turning to Rishikesh, due to which a lot of traffic jam is being seen here. Meaning the situation is such that whether you go on a weekend or a weekday, you will find a lot of crowd here. If you are thinking of going, then know some tips on how you can avoid Rishikesh's traffic jam.

map view

Although Google Map will show you the traffic at that time, meaning whether there is a jam at that time or not, gradually as time passes you will keep getting more information related to the jam. But try to keep looking at Google Map, so that you do not get stuck in any traffic jam later. If you see a red mark on any road in the map, then either you can spend time at some place before that or stop somewhere. Let us tell you, most of the jam occurs during peak timing.

Do not climb during busy times

Before going to the mountains or before going to Rishikesh, keep in mind that never go at peak timings, like morning or afternoon. Try to take time to go there early in the morning or you can also drive at night. There is a huge crowd of tourists at such places, so avoid driving at peak time as much as possible.

If you don't find a hotel, book it in advance

If you don't find a hotel, book it in advance

If you have not booked a hotel before going anywhere, then you are probably doing the biggest mistake. Yes, before going anywhere, you must book a hotel once, this way you will not have to search for anything in this heat. You just have to stay in the hotel room after reaching there. Not only this, by booking a hotel in advance you can also save the hotel from getting full.

Do not stop at the main location

Do not stop at the main location

The best advice that we are going to give you right now, you will probably agree with it. Because of the crowd and traffic jam, try to book a hotel before going to the main place and stay there, then leave for somewhere only after the traffic jam is less. Also, check the timing of the place you want to go to know till when that place remains open.

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