Do not apply these things directly on your face, it will ruin your face

Ananya Shroff
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There are many such things available in the market as well as in the kitchen of the house, which are beneficial for our skin but if we use them directly on our face, then our skin may have to face many problems.

You should also not mess with your skin in any way, so today in this article we are going to tell you about some such things, which if you apply directly on your face even by mistake, then your face can also get spoiled. So if you do not want to lose the beauty of your face, then definitely read this article completely.

Say 'no' to lemon juice

Many of you might have rubbed lemon juice or its peel on your face, but you do not know that in the name of benefits, you are harming your skin. Applying it directly on the face can make the skin red and increases the chances of rashes or allergies. So even if you apply it by mixing it in any recipe, do not apply it directly on the face.

Mustard oil will make your face dark

Mustard oil has been used on the body and face since ancient times and it has many benefits, but the benefits also have disadvantages. This is because everyone's skin type is different and if it does not work on your skin, it is possible that the skin may turn dark, red rashes may appear and acne may occur. So never apply mustard oil on your delicate skin.

uses of garlic

uses of garlic

We use many things present in the kitchen to get rid of many skin related problems, but the truth is that if you use it directly on your face, it can cause allergies, eczema and swelling as well as rashes. So do not use garlic on the face, especially in summer.

Salt will harm your skin

Salt will harm your skin

The skin of our face is softer than the rest of the body, due to which the use of salt can be harmful for our face. If you scrub with salt, it can dry out the skin, due to which the problem of flaking and itching on the face can increase. Therefore, do not use salt on the face.

Baking soda will harm your skin

Baking soda will harm your skin

You must have heard and read about the use of baking soda in many home remedies, which is also beneficial. But some people apply baking soda directly on the face to get rid of their skin problems, which can be harmful for your facial skin and can increase the problem of pimples and acne.

(Disclaimer: This article is for your information. Also remember that everyone's skin is different, so do not forget to do a patch test before adopting any remedy. If your skin is sensitive or you have any kind of allergy, then talk to a skin specialist first. Use anything on your skin only as per their advice.)

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