Did Salman Khan break the 'no kissing' policy? He did a scene with this actress, leaving Aishwarya and Katrina!

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Salman Khan has always followed a no-kiss policy in films. In his career, the actor has never done any intimate or romantic scenes with his co-stars, even if he was dating them during the shoot. However, Salman broke his policy in 1996. A picture has surfaced on Reddit, which had an on-screen kissing scene of Salman and it was with one of his co-stars Karisma Kapoor. The two worked together in several films including 'Jeet'. A Reddit user said that Salman and Karisma 'kissed' in the film. Sharing the same picture, the user pointed out that Salman Khan has broken his no-kiss policy. Many took to the comment section to share their reactions and speak up.

Salman Khan's no kissing policy

Did Salman really kiss?

While a user wrote, 'They are not really kissing. She is kissing the side of his chin.' Another said, 'Salman's head has turned to the other side.' One wrote, 'Is this true?' Another asked, 'This is the first time I have seen them together like this.'

Salman Khan's no kissing policy

Salman and Katrina were about to kiss!

Apparently, in 2017, it was claimed that Salman was asked to do an on-screen kiss with Katrina Kaif in 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. However, the superstar reportedly refused. A source claimed that director Ali Abbas Zafar tried his best to convince Salman, but to no avail.

The policy was not broken even for Katrina

A source told Deccan Chronicle at the time, “Everyone thought that this time, just for once, Salman would break his no-kissing code as the sequence is important to the film and also features Katrina. But Salman flatly refused. Director Ali Abbas Zafar tried his best to convince him. However, nothing worked.”

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