Did Ranveer leave 'Hanuman' director's film? Now this story came out from the set of 'Rakshas'

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Ranveer Singh was doing a film named 'Rakshas' with 'Hanuman' director Prashant Verma. He even shot for it for three days, but suddenly he left the film. The makers are very angry with this. A report has claimed that there were some differences between Ranveer Singh and the makers at the creative level, but now a source has told that the problem came from Ranveer's side. He left the film without giving any reason to the makers. According to the report of 'Times Now', it was Ranveer Singh who was asking Prashant Verma to make a film with him. Ranveer liked Prashant's 'Hanuman' very much. Prashant Verma and Ranveer were going to make a film named 'Rakshas' together. However, Prashant did not want to start shooting it right now. He wanted to make another Telugu film after 'Hanuman'

Hanuman and Rakshas director Prashant Verma, Photo: Insta/prasanthvarmaofficial

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Ranveer Singh suddenly left 'Rakshas' after shooting for 3 days

But Ranveer Singh suddenly left the film. Explaining the reason behind this, the source said, 'Ranveer came here from Mumbai to shoot with us. He did not shoot any first-look video with us, but started shooting for the film itself. The shoot went on for three days and we happily packed up. After that we came to know that Ranveer Singh has sent a message that he will not be able to do the film. But why? Neither any reason was given for this nor any explanation was given. We were shocked. What was worse was that someone leaked this news to the Mumbai media. We would have dealt with this crisis quietly. In Mumbai they also like to create controversy over unprofessional behavior. But we do not work like that.


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'There's no harm or shame in it'

The source further added, “We were told that someone had advised Ranveer not to do 'Rakshas'. If that is the case, Ranveer should have followed that advice earlier. At least we would not have to suffer any loss or embarrassment.”

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How much loss was incurred due to Ranveer Singh leaving the film?

When asked how much loss the makers have incurred due to Ranveer's exit from the film, the source said, “Actually it won't be that much. This is the age of artificial intelligence. We are planning to include Ranveer's three days of shooting in the film, that is if he decides not to do our film. Yes, we are not closing the talks. We are leaving the option open for his return. But we want to ask Ranveer a question – is this a joke?

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