Deepika Chikhlia said on Ranbir's film- I am disappointed with those who keep making Ramayana, just don't do it

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Deepika Chikhalia became very famous in the 80s by playing the role of Maa Sita in the famous religious TV serial 'Ramayana'. Even after this, many serials and films were made on 'Ramayana', but they did not get the fame that Ramanand Sagar's serial got. Now Deepika Chikhalia has recently expressed her views on Ranbir Kapoor's upcoming film 'Ramayana' in an interview. She said that people should not tamper with religious texts.

Deepika clarified her point and said why 'Ramayana' should not be remade. She said, 'Honestly, I am very disappointed with those who keep making Ramayana because I don't think you should do this. People are misusing it.'

'Whatever you are doing, you are spoiling the whole impact of Ramayana'

He also said, 'I don't think people should make Ramayan again and again, because every time they make it, they want to bring something new. A new story, a new angle, a new look. Like for Kriti Sanon, they gave her a pink satin sari (in Adipurush). They gave Saif (Saif Ali Khan, playing Raavan in Om Raut's film) a different look because they wanted to do something different creatively, but then what you are doing is, you are spoiling the whole impact of Ramayan.'

'Things written in religious texts should not be tampered with'

He further said, 'One should not tamper with what is written in religious texts. I don't think one should do that and put it aside. Just don't do that. There are many stories other than Ramayana that you can talk about. There are many freedom fighters you can talk about. There are many stories that can be talked about, who fought bravely for freedom in history but remained unsung heroes. So why only Ramayana?'

Photos of Arun Govil and Lara Dutta leaked from the sets

Let us tell you that there have been reports about Nitesh Tiwari's 'Ramayana' that Ranbir is following fitness with discipline for this film. He is training hard to get that kind of physique to fit perfectly into his character with a vegetarian diet. Two months ago, pictures of Ranbir and Sai Pallavi as Lord Rama and Mata Sita were leaked from the set. Pictures of Arun Govil and Lara Dutta in royal clothes also surfaced from this period-drama, who are said to play the roles of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaikeyi in this film. At the same time, there have been reports of Bobby Deol playing Kumbhakaran, Vijay Sethupathi playing Vibhishana and Sunny Deol playing Lord Hanuman. However, till now Nitesh or the producers have not made any official statement in this regard.

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