Dangal actress Zaira Wasim's father passes away, appeals to people to ask Allah for forgiveness for her

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Zaira Wasim, who became famous with films like 'Dangal' and 'Secret Superstar', is in deep grief. Her father Zahid Wasim has passed away. She herself gave this information on social media and also appealed to the people to remember him in their prayers. The former actress has shared a note in her Instagram story. She has also made a post, in which she is seen with her father. On Instagram Stories, Zaira Wasim wrote in the note, 'My father Zahid Wasim has passed away. I request everyone to remember him in their prayers and ask Allah for forgiveness for him. Please pray that Allah forgives his shortcomings, makes his grave a place of rest, protects him from any punishment, gives him ease in the afterlife

Zaira Wasim's father passed away

She also shared a cute picture with her father and wrote an emotional note on his demise. Zaira wrote, 'Of course the eyes shed tears and the heart grieves, but we will not say anything except what our Lord likes. My father Zahid Wasim has passed away. Please remember him in your prayers and ask Allah to forgive his shortcomings, make his grave peaceful, protect him from punishment and make his journey ahead easy. May he be given an easy account and be given the high status of Jannat and Maghrib. Of course we belong to Allah and we will go to Him.'

Zaira Wasim received National Award

Zaira Wasim received the Best Supporting Actress award at the 64th Film Festival and her father had no idea about this award or what it was. Zaira explained it to him for 2 hours and he said that winning it was no big deal. The actress revealed this in an interview with 'Pinkvilla'. However, her parents felt proud when she received the award.

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