Congress will not be able to reach three digits…how much benefit will BJP get? Know what Prashant Kishore said before the results of Lok Sabha elections

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New Delhi : Out of the seven phases of the Lok Sabha elections, only two phases are left. In such a situation, political parties as well as election strategists and political analysts are busy discussing how many seats each party will get when the election results come out. Voting for the sixth and seventh phases is to be held on May 25 and June 1 respectively. The election results will be declared on June 4. Meanwhile, election strategist Prashant Kishore remained trending on social media for his assessment of BJP's seats in this general election. Prashant Kishore on Thursday hit back at his opponents who criticized his assessment of the imminent Lok Sabha election results. Prashant Kishore clearly said that on the day of counting on June 4, those people should 'keep plenty of water with them'.

PK trended on social media

Actually, on Thursday, the video related to Prashant Kishore's interview was trending on social media. Prashant Kishore was having a heated argument in this interview with Karan Thap. Karan had asked Prashant a question about his wrong assessment of Congress's defeat in Himachal Pradesh. Social media users were sharing snapshots of Prashant Kishore sipping water during the interview. In response to this, Prashant Kishore wrote on social media platform X that drinking water is good because it keeps both the mind and body hydrated. Those who are surprised by my assessment of the results of this election should drink plenty of water on June 4.

Congress will not reach three digits

Kishor is insisting that the BJP is likely to repeat or even surpass its seat tally achieved in the 2019 general elections. Asked how many seats he expected the BJP to win, Kishor said, “Based on whatever observation and experience I have in the region, I don't think the BJP's numbers will be as high as they were in 2019.” ” From there it will reduce significantly. Kishore also claimed that I am seeing more or less a repeat of the figures he had in 2019 or maybe it will get even better. Regarding Congress, Prashant Kishore said that the Congress party cannot reach the three-digit figure in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Therefore BJP will not be able to win even 300.

Regarding Congress, Prashant Kishor said that I don't know where they will be, but I don't think Congress will get 100 seats. He said that if Congress is getting 100 seats then BJP is not getting 300 seats, it is very simple. When asked if he can tell how many seats Congress will win, Kishor quipped that he doesn't know. There is no limit to depth.

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