Congress government delayed the export of Brahmos missile, PM Modi said- this was a big blow to the defense sector.

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New Delhi: A big revelation has been made about the Brahmos missile deal during the Congress government. A report has claimed that the UPA government had banned the export of Brahmos missile several times citing lack of political approval. Due to the UPA government not taking timely decisions, the Brahmos missile could not be exported several times. Even before the BJP government was formed in 2014, the Congress' Manmohan Singh government had stopped the Brahmos Aerospace team from going on a tour to the Philippines, citing political approval as the reason. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also targeted the Congress over this revelation.

Manmohan government delayed exports
A private channel has claimed in its report on Brahmos missile that the Manmohan government repeatedly delayed its export. It has been claimed that in 2011 the Foreign Secretary had said that there should be no talks on the export of Brahmos until the export policy is made. Apart from this, the report also says that in 2010, the Indonesian team present in the capital Delhi was prevented from visiting Brahmos Aerospace.

The team going to Philippines was also stopped
Apart from this, just before the formation of the Modi government in 2014, the Congress government had also stopped the BrahMos Aerospace team from going to the Philippines. On April 17, the Ministry of External Affairs wrote a letter to the GM of BrahMos Aerospace saying that since approval has not been received at the political level, a green signal should be taken from the Ministry of External Affairs before going to the Philippines. This letter was sent to the BrahMos Aerospace team just before leaving for the Philippines.

PM Modi targeted Congress
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also targeted Congress regarding this report.

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