Confirmed! Ranveer Singh and Prashant Verma will not work together in 'Rakshas', told why things did not work out

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There are many reports about South's famous director Prashant Verma and actor Ranveer Singh's film 'Rakshas'. According to recent reports, things are not going well between the two. Amidst all these discussions, both have issued a statement revealing that they have parted ways over a project that was never officially announced. Recently, reports of differences between them were spreading. It is being said that Ranveer will work with Prashant in the next part of the record-breaking superhero blockbuster 'Hanuman', which remains one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2024. In the statement, Ranveer Singh said, 'Prashant is a very special talent. We met and talked about a film together. Hopefully we will work together on an exciting project in the future. The filmmaker said, 'It is rare to find Ranveer's energy and talent. We will work together sometime in the future soon.' The statement said that they decided to part ways due to 'creative differences', but also added that it was not the 'right time' for the film, even though everyone's 'intentions were right'. The statement concluded, 'The team will work together in the future.'

Ranveer Singh Prashant Verma

ranveer singh upcoming movies

Ranveer currently has 'Shaktimaan Reboot' and Farhan Akhtar's 'Don 3' in the pipeline. But no significant update has been shared about both the big budget films since their announcement. Prashanth Varma has spoken about coming up with a franchise after his success with Hanuman.

Deepika Padukone will soon become a mother

On the other hand, Ranveer Singh is waiting for the arrival of his first child with his wife Deepika Padukone. Both are very active on social media these days. Deepika is also seen flaunting her baby bump and her videos keep going viral.

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