Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's song 'Bado Badi' removed from YouTube, uproar over the song that made ears cry

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Pakistani singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's song 'Badho Badi' has been making waves on social media for the past few months. His quirky rendition and music video grabbed the attention of netizens and soon the song became one of the biggest memes. However, new updates have revealed that the song has been removed from his YouTube channel after a copyright infringement complaint. Let us tell you the whole story of how this happened. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's song 'Badho Badi' which features model Vajdan Rao alongside him became the subject of hot memes on social media soon after its release. Several reels and memes were created by content creators on social media using the song. Several Indian and Pakistani celebs also made reels on the song.

people made fun of it

Just like people loved to make fun of Chahat's singing, some of her other songs also went viral. However, after a copyright infringement complaint was filed on YouTube, this song has been taken down. A report in 'Deccan Herald' suggests that the copyright strike happened because the lyrics of the song were similar to Noor Jehan's song from the 1973 film 'Banarasi Thug'. It was viewed over 128 million times on YouTube in a month.

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famous in pakistan

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan rose to fame during the lockdown, but in the last two months, his popularity on social media has reached its peak and thousands of viral reels and memes have been created on his songs. His newfound fame has recently led to him being invited for several interviews and podcasts in Pakistan.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan was a cricketer

Interestingly, Chahat started his career as a cricketer before turning to singing. He was known as Kashif Rana in his childhood and played for Lahore. He took part in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy in 1983-84 in which he scored 16 runs. Later, he moved to the UK for better opportunities and played club cricket for 12 years. In an interview with Murtaza Ali Shah last year, he revealed that former Pakistani Test cricketer Aaqib Javed used to play under his captaincy.

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