Can glasses come off by putting eye drops daily? Know the truth from the doctor

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If there is no problem in the eyes, then eye drops should not be used.
If there is a problem of dryness, then eye drops should be used on the advice of the doctor.

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Do Eye Drops Impact Vision: You must have noticed that many people use eye drops regularly. Some people believe that by applying eye drops daily, eyesight remains sharp and the chances of removing glasses increases. People who have high number of spectacles, sometimes they also use eye drops continuously. People think that regular use of eye drops can improve eyesight and remove glasses. Many eye drops in the market claim to improve eyesight. However, experts have completely different opinions on this matter.

of New Delhi Dr. Tushar Grover, Medical Director of Vision Eye Center told PressNews24 There is no such eye drop which can improve eyesight and remove glasses. If someone is using eye drops to remove his glasses or to improve his eyesight, he should not do so. People who do not have any problem with their eyes should not use eye drops without any reason. Generally, doctors recommend using eye drops in conditions like dryness of eyes, infection, allergy and cataract. Only such people should use drops.

Doctor Tushar says that the number of spectacles cannot be reduced by any eye drops nor can it be removed by putting drops. If there is no problem in your eyes, then you should not use the drops daily. Any kind of drops does not make any difference to the eyesight. Some eye drops are given just to prevent the number of spectacles in children, but they are also advised to be used for a certain period of time. There is no scientific evidence that putting drops will improve your eyesight. People should avoid rumours.

Is there any way to get rid of glasses? On this, Dr. Tushar said that in today's era, many techniques including LASIK are used to remove glasses. After proper screening and testing, people can remove their glasses with the help of LASIK. However, it is not possible to do this in everyone's case. People who have less thickness of cornea are advised to wear spectacles. If someone wants to remove glasses, he should consult an ophthalmologist and take steps as per his advice.

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