Came to Malaysia to join job, found out something like this, the ground slipped under my feet

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Airport News: A few months ago, Roopram, living in Nagaur city of Rajasthan, was introduced to a person named Shravan Kumar by one of his friends. With the help of this Shravan Kumar, Roopram not only got a job in Malaysia, but complete arrangements for his living and food were made. Last year, on 6 October 2023, Roopram happily left for Bangkok from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport with the intention of joining the job he got in Malaysia.

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After reaching Bangkok airport, Roopram met some people working with Shravan, who kept his passport with them and asked him to come with them. A few days later, when Roopram got his passport back, it had a Malaysian visa and arrival immigration stamp on it. After this, these people took Roopram with them and entered Malaysia illegally. After reaching Malaysia, Roopram came to know that there was neither a job nor a place to live.

The ground slipped from under Roopram's feet when he came to know that the on-arrival visa stamp on his passport was also fake. After this, in the struggle to save himself, it became necessary for Roopram to stay in Malaysia. Somehow Roopram spent a few months in Malaysia, but now it was becoming difficult for him to stay there. Therefore, he decided to return home as soon as possible and succeeded in reaching Delhi's IGI Airport on the night of 15-16 April 2024.

New trouble was waiting at Delhi airport
Somehow Roopram had managed to reach IGI Airport, but he did not know that a new trouble was waiting for him here. In fact, during the investigation by the Immigration Bureau at IGI Airport, it was found that Rupram's passport was issued on 4 May 2023, while the visa on arrival stamp in it was dated 6 October 2022. Apart from this, the departure stamp of October 6, 2022 on his passport was also found to be fake, after which he was taken into custody.

₹1.5 lakh was collected in the name of job in Malaysia
According to IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani, accused passenger Roopram Tunwal was arrested and interrogation was started. During interrogation, the accused revealed that he wanted to go abroad for better livelihood and to earn easy money. Through one of his friends, he came in contact with an agent named Shravan Kumar, who assured him of sending him to Malaysia through Thailand through illegal means. In return for this work, Shravan Kumar had demanded ₹ 1.5 lakh from him.

Had also promised to provide job in Malaysia
Accused Roopram told the police that he had given ₹5000 and ₹1.45 lakh in cash to agent Shravan Kumar through UPI. Accused Roopram also revealed that the agent had also assured him of getting a job in Malaysia. He told that the accused agent Shravan, with the help of his associates, had sent him to Thailand on a tourist visa in October 2023. After reaching Thailand, Agent Shravan's associates made him enter Malaysia illegally.

The accused put fake visa stamp on the passport
Accused Roopram further revealed that after reaching Thailand, the accused agent with the help of his associates had put a fake on arrival visa stamp on his passport. The accused also revealed that when he had come to India to meet his father, he was detained at IGI Airport during immigration clearance. IGI Airport Police has also arrested accused agent Shravan Kumar and his associate Hariram on the behest of accused Roopram.

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