Butter Chicken: Who first created 'Butter Chicken'? Delhi High Court will give its verdict soon

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New Delhi: If you are a non-vegetarian and fond of chicken, then you must be aware of the ongoing war regarding butter chicken. Actually, there is a legal battle going on in the Delhi High Court between two restaurant chains over the origin of butter chicken. Now new evidence has been presented in the court in this case. In fact, Moti Mahal and Daryaganj are claiming their respective shops to be the real originators of butter chicken. There is a debate going on in the court regarding this in January.

Demanded compensation of 2.4 lakh dollars

The popular Moti Mahal restaurant chain says that they deserve the title of being the original originator of butter chicken and the Daryaganj restaurant chain should stop this claim. Along with this, he will also have to pay a compensation of 2.4 lakh dollars. Moti Mahal says its founder Kundan Lal Gujral created Creamy Butter Chicken in his restaurant in Peshawar (now in Pakistan) in the 1930s, after which he moved to Delhi.

Daryaganj restaurant rejected all claims of Moti Mahal

At the same time, Daryaganj restaurant chain says that the story of making this butter chicken by Moti Mahal does not seem to be true, its purpose is only to mislead the court. Daryaganj, in its 642-page counter document, has completely rejected Moti Mahal's claim. Daryaganj says that its founding family member, late Kundan Lal Jaggi, created the recipe for butter chicken. At that time he had come to Delhi and was managing the kitchen of the restaurant there. Whereas his friend and colleague Gujral from Peshawar looked after only marketing work.

Video presented in court

Let us tell you that both the people are no more in the world. Gujral died in 1997 and Jaggi in 2018. The evidence presented in the court also included a black and white photograph from the 1930s in which the two friends are seen in Peshawar. Along with this, the court also includes the partnership agreement of 1949, Jaggi's business card after coming to Delhi and a video of 2017 in which Jaggi is talking about the origin of butter chicken.

The court will hold the next hearing on May 29.

Daryaganj says that due to friendship and partnership, both parties can claim that their ancestors created this dish. He calls this entire dispute merely a competition between two businesses. Moti Mahal refused to comment on this. The judge will next hear this case on May 29. The court has to give its verdict in the dispute that where, when and who started butter chicken? Brand experts say that Butter Chicken has been ranked 43rd in the list of world's best dishes by TasteAtlas. In such a situation, knowing who made it is important for brand identity.

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