Busan Chapter of Baloch National Movement organizes protest against Gwadar fencing in South Korea

Ronit Kawale
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The South Korean chapter of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) organised a protest in Busan area of ​​South Korea, raising its voice against the ongoing Gwadar fencing project in Balochistan, BNM said in a statement.

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The protesters waved posters, shouted slogans and distributed pamphlets highlighting the negative impacts of the fencing project on the economic and security situation of the local people of Balochistan.

The protests aimed to draw attention to the plight of people affected by enforced disappearances and other human rights violations by security forces in the port city of Gwadar.

Furthermore, protesters claimed that the fencing project serves the interests of external collaborators, and violates the rights of indigenous Baloch residents.

Agha Faiz, one of the speakers during the protest, while addressing the gathering stressed that the people of Gwadar were being harassed in various ways since the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC).

Faiz said, “We are from a country called Baloch under Pakistan occupation. Our people are killed and kidnapped daily by state security forces. We reject the slavery of the so-called Islamic State of Pakistan. Fencing China Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC) which aims to completely hand over Gwadar to China. Since the commencement of the CPEC project, the people of Gwadar are being harassed in various ways, such as completely uprooting them from their native land. Throw.”

He further said that earlier Gwadar was surrounded by cantonments, posts and army camps, however, now Gwadar is being closed down which is a gross violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and all other universal rights of humanity.

He said, “This state policy of Pakistan to fence Gwadar will be opposed by the Baloch nation at all stages and will fail miserably as is evident from the ongoing political movement of the people.”

Earlier, BNM had organized a protest at Biff Square in Busan, South Korea to end “state-sponsored” oppression against the Baloch people.

The protesters distributed pamphlets to residents to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Balochistan. During the demonstration, protesters expressed their anger and condemned the Pakistani state for the mass disappearances and unresolved cases of thousands of missing Baloch individuals.

According to Balochistan Post, during the demonstration protesters distributed pamphlets to residents to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Balochistan.

The protesters expressed their frustration and anger by raising anti-Pakistan slogans and criticized the Pakistani government for mass disappearances and highlighted the cases of thousands of missing Baloch people.

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