Brijendra Kala said- I used to bowl leg and off spin, used to practice during graduation

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Brijendra Kala, who attracts people's attention by doing small roles, says yes to 90 percent of the work. There was a time when people used to ask him to work according to the script, but today the directors sit with him and prepare the scenes. Here is a special conversation with this actor who is famous for watching movies in his area.

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I want to keep my independence

He told that during the Lok Sabha elections, people were calling from different places and saying that people from such and such party are calling you, such and such leader is calling you, Sir how much will you take. He told that I used to say that I do not want anything. I want to remain completely impartial, so that I can raise my voice and speak openly about everyone. I do not want to belong to anyone. I feel that right now there is a lack of such people who can openly tell about the mistakes of the ruling party and the opposition.

I say yes to 90 percent of things

Whatever the character is, if I understand it, I do it. If the atmosphere is right, the casting, the production is right, then 90 percent of the time I say yes. I say yes even for small budget films. My only effort is to do complete justice to my character. When I was just starting out, people would not listen to me. When I used to add something from my side, I was told not to do anything from my side, do what is in the script. Today, when I say that I don't like a scene, the director says let's make it together, sir. The writer's germs that were in me get destroyed while making the scene itself.

He used to bowl leg and off spin

As long as Mahendra Singh Dhoni is playing, I will support Chennai Super Kings. I got a chance to work in his biopic, but I could not meet him during that time. I met Mahi at Mehboob Studio when I was shooting for 'Pagalpanti'. He is a good friend of John Abraham, so he came to the set of our film. We were shooting a scene in a truck. As soon as I saw him, I went to him. Then I talked to him in Pahari. After this I clicked a nice photo. Apart from Dhoni, I am also a fan of Virat Kohli. I like not only watching cricket but also playing it. I used to bowl leg and off spin. I used to practice during graduation.

He was famous in the neighborhood for watching movies.

I don't take anything to heart. Yes, if I had been in 'Besharam', it could have contributed a lot to my career. It was a great role. I had shot for ten days. Everything is a game of fate, whatever I got, I accepted it as my fate. Among the old actors, I am a fan of Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar sahab. I have watched many movies secretly from home. I was not beaten up, but I definitely got scolded. I was famous in my entire neighborhood for watching movies. After coming back from watching the movie, I used to tell the story to the children around.

My father wanted me to become a doctor.

I have not taken any training in music. In school days I used to sing prayers, then I thought I could become a singer. When I asked my father to take music as a subject in school, he scolded me. So I completed my further studies by taking biology. Papa was in veterinary college, so he wanted me to become a doctor. He was fond of music. He used to play tabla and harmonium very well. I also have some of his qualities. I also play tabla sometimes.

Uses social media in his free time

If someone has a lot of followers on social media, then understand that luck has favored them. Then they are also getting work in films, this is also a good thing. The thing to see is whether they are able to succeed in the industry or not. I use social media in my free time. I do not try to struggle too much in this. Till date I have never gone live on Instagram. I just sometimes make reels with my wife Modita or post updates of my work.

'Why are you spending all the money on me?'

Brijendra Kala says that when 'Good Luck' director Prakhar Srivastava came to me with the story, I told him to take a big actor, why do you want to spend all the money on me. If I could understand any other role, I would have done it but he wanted to cast me in this role. Most of the starcast was new. I was worried about who would play the role of grandmother or mother. There were some actors who were busy somewhere at that time. Then Prakhar met Malti Mathur ji around Mumbai. She has made her acting debut through this film at the age of 80. I was happy to see her on the set for the first time. She is a very bold woman and is full of energy. She had seen my work.

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