Bombay High Court ordered to remove these 3 dialogues from 'Humare Barah', know what they are

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Actor Annu Kapoor's film 'Humare Barah' is constantly in the news. Ever since its trailer was released, there have been clouds of crisis looming over it. This film is surrounded by controversies. While this film was to be released on June 7, before that on June 5, the Bombay High Court had banned its release till June 14. However, on June 7, the High Court has ordered the makers to remove the objectionable dialogues, which the petitioner has accepted. After this, the film will be released. 'Bollywood Hungama' has quoted the source that despite being passed by the CBFC, the court has asked for more cuts in 'Humare Barah'. Usually when anyone goes to the court to stop the release of a film, the petition is usually not considered saying that

Scissors will be used on these three dialogues

Bollywood Hungama received a list of cuts approved by the CBFC on June 7. It mentions three cuts in the film. The slogan 'Allah hu Akbar' at the beginning of the film was suppressed. Other dialogues that were censored were 'Shauhar is the mood of God and some of the mood of God are kufra', 'Kufr's companion is death' and 'Woman's salwar should be like a string, stay inside as long as possible yes, it is better'.

CBFC removed and replaced these words

The petition filed by Azhar Basha Tamboli claimed that the film completely violates the provisions of the Cinematograph Act, 1952. It further stated that the film shows that Muslim women do not have any independent rights in society. According to the petitioner, the makers have misinterpreted the verse of the Quran. Also, the CBFC had asked to change the word 'bazaaru aurat' and replace 'Islam' with the word 'mazhab'. The dialogue, 'Do your farming…produce more and more Muslims', spoken by a maulana in the film was removed.

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