BJP hits back at Rahul Gandhi's allegations, says he has not been able to overcome the disappointment of defeat

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: After Rahul Gandhi's press conference, BJP has retaliated. BJP has said that it seems that Rahul Gandhi has not been able to recover from the disappointment of the opposition's defeat. He said that when the market fell and rose, Indian investors benefited during this time. He also said that all the reforms will continue in the Modi government for the third time and our allies also think the same. Together we will take the country to new heights. BJP leader Piyush Goyal said that Rahul Gandhi made baseless allegations against BJP and our leaders in a press conference. He has probably not been able to recover from the disappointment of the opposition's defeat. He is also conspiring to mislead the market investors. India has become the fifth largest economy in the world.

'Rs 30 lakh crore is valuation, not loss'

Goyal said that on the day the exit polls came, foreigners bought at high prices and Indian investors benefited by selling at high prices. When the results came, i.e. on June 4, when the market fell, foreign investors sold at low prices and Indian investors bought assuming that the Modi government is coming and we will take advantage of it. Goyal said that in a way Indian investors also earned during this period and no one suffered a loss. He said that Rahul Gandhi talks about 30 lakh crores, he does not even understand that this is valuation. It means buying and selling. In this, foreigners suffered losses and Indian investors benefited. Goyal said that when it became clear that the Modi government is coming again, the market climbed again.

Rahul Gandhi made the allegation

Goyal said that Rahul Gandhi is trying to give a message to investors from India and abroad that they should not invest here. At different times, there are changes in the equity market according to different figures. The equity market works in this way all over the world. Even if there is no major event, there are fluctuations in the equity market. The thing to see is what has happened in the equity market in the long run. He said that the market cap of PSUs has also increased by about four times during the tenure of the Modi government. 10 years ago when the UPA government was in power, which was led by the Gandhi family, India's market cap was Rs 67 lakh crore. Modi inherited it in May 2014. Today it has increased to Rs 415 lakh crore. This increase has happened in 10 years.

Goyal said that the ownership of Indian investors in the Indian stock market has increased to 84%. Common investors are getting its benefits. Small investors are also taking advantage of the market through mutual funds. Investors in every corner of the country are taking advantage of this. Indian investors have benefited from the growth that has taken place in two months.

'The market started rising due to the attitude of Modi government'

Goyal said that we had also claimed that our government is coming and they had also claimed the same. When the counting of votes showed that their seats are increasing, the market went down, which means that people were nervous that their seats are increasing. When it became clear that Modi government is coming, the market went up again.

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