Big order regarding IPL, only JioCinema can use name and logo

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New Delhi. A big order has come regarding the copyright of the world's biggest cricket league IPL. Copyright Integrity Advisory (India) has issued an advisory to all internet and mobile service providers regarding logos, trademarks, word marks and proprietary rights. It has been said that if any company or institution uses these things without any authority, then legal action can be taken under copyright law. It is noteworthy that IPL matches are to be played in the country from March 22 to May 26, 2024.

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In the letter issued by R Gopalkrishna, Director of Copyright Integrity Advisory (India) Private Limited, it has been said that as you all know that there are some contracts regarding IPL. Under this, other rights including broadcast, commercial partner and license have been assigned. Only those companies with whom TATAIPL has a contract can use our proprietary names (“IPL Names”), proprietary marks and logos (“IPL Marks”) and proprietary content (“IPL Proprietary Content”). These steps are being taken to protect the interests of our official broadcasters, commercial partners and licensees. It is clearly stated that IPL is the owner of all the names of this tournament like IPL name, IPL mark and IPL proprietary content.

What is in this letter
Through this letter, Copyright Integrity has said that no one will use the IPL name, IPL mark and IPL proprietary rights without acquiring the rights or becoming a partner. This advisory has been issued especially to internet portals, mobile service providers, mobile application platforms and value added service providers.

  • Who has got how much power?
  • The letter states that Viacom18 Media Private Limited (“JioCinema”) has been given certain rights. In this, special rights have been given to use TATA IPL on mobile and internet platforms.
  • Apart from the exclusive rights granted to JioCinema, all other mobile and mobile application and internet rights will remain with TATA IPL only. No one can use it.
  • Any company or entity other than IPL and JioCinema engaged in Internet portal service, mobile telecommunications service, mobile application platform or value added services may use the IPL name, IPL mark and IPL proprietary rights commercially without obtaining a license from IPL or JioCinema. Cannot be used.
  • This content can be used only in activities of journalistic nature. But, keep in mind that it will neither be used for commercial purposes nor for any promotion or advertisement.
  • Except IPL and JioCinema, no other internet portal service, mobile telecommunications service, mobile application platform or value added services company can use the IPL mark to display the scorecard or score of the match.
  • Even match schedule cannot be shown using IPL mark.
  • Proprietary match content will not be shown using the IPL mark on any mobile app.
  • Nor will you be able to use audio commentary or audio-visual match or footage anywhere.
  • No company can collect fees or charges for using the content of IPL without obtaining license and rights.
  • Except JioCinema, no one can give score or update alert on every ball within 15 minutes.
  • No content of TATA IPL can be broadcast through SMS, MMS, alerts or games.

If you break the rules…
It is clearly stated in the letter that if any company or institution tampers or violates the above rules, then we will first solve that problem with you. Any such work will be considered a violation of the special rights granted to JioCinema. Therefore, there will be no other option except taking legal action against such companies or institutions. The guidelines for brand and content protection of TATA IPL 2024 are available on the official website. If anyone has any questions or inquiries, they can contact us without any hesitation at

**(Disclaimer – Network18 and TV18 are companies that operate the channels/websites and are controlled by Independent Media Trust, of which Reliance Industries is the sole beneficiary.)

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