Big gift to Deoria, Siwan before Lok Sabha elections, got 2 superfast trains for Delhi, passengers are happy!

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Indian Railways has given a big gift to the people who cannot go to their home town due to non-availability of tickets on the occasion of Holi. Now people of Siwan of Bihar and Deoria district of UP will be able to easily travel to Delhi. Railways has given two superfast trains to Delhi to the passengers of these two stations. The people of these two districts are very happy with this gift received before the Lok Sabha elections. The wedding season has started and the competition for tickets has increased. But, now this problem of the people will end. In these two trains, comfort tickets are usually available within a week.

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Actually, Indian Railways had started clone trains in view of the rush of passengers on busy routes like Bihar and Bengal. These clone trains are run along with some main trains running on the respective routes. Two such trains run from Darbhanga and Barauni Junction in Bihar. This train running from Darbhanga will run from there to Delhi. Bihar Sampark Kranti Express Is a clone of. Similarly, another major train running from Barauni Junction is a clone of Vaishali Express. These two are excellent clone express. Both of these are super fast trains and complete the journey to Delhi in almost the same time as the main trains.

Gift to Siwan-Deoria
But earlier these two trains did not have any stoppage at Siwan in Bihar and Deoria in UP. Both of them used to stop directly at Gorakhpur after leaving Chhapra. Even on the return journey, after starting from Gorakhpur, it used to stop directly at Chhapra. For this reason the passengers of Siwan and Deoria did not get its benefit. But, now Railways has changed the stoppage of these two trains to Siwan and Deoria.

running from Darbhanga clone express The number is 02569. It leaves Darbhanga at 6.30 am and reaches Siwan at 12.18 am and Deoria at 13.12 pm via Samastipur, Muzaffarpur and Chhapra. It takes you from Siwan to Delhi in 15.40 hours. In return, this train departs from New Delhi at 12.15 pm and deboards Siwan at 2.40 am. It takes only 14.25 hours in return. A little later than this, i.e. at 1 o'clock in the day, Bihar Sampark Kranti Express runs from New Delhi which drops you at Siwan at 2.55. It takes about 14 hours.

vaishali-contact clone
similarly eyelash-driven clone express The number is 02563. It departs from Barauni at 7.40 am and reaches Siwan at 13.10 am and Deoria at 14.00 pm via Muzaffarpur, Chhapra Junction. This train reaches New Delhi at 5.10 the next day. That means it reaches Delhi from Siwan in about 16 hours. In return the number of this train is 02564. It departs from New Delhi at 17.55 pm and leaves Siwan at 9.08 am.

Due to the stopping of these two trains at Siwan and Deoria stations, it has become a great convenience for the passengers. Although in both these trains Normal Bihar Sampark Kranti and Vaishali The fare is slightly higher than Rs. For example, the sleeper fare in Bihar Sampark Kranti from Delhi to Siwan is Rs 480, whereas in this clone train you will have to pay Rs 610 for sleeper. Similarly, for third AC also you have to pay about Rs 400 more.

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