Bhumi Pednekar kept a bowl of water for birds on the streets of Mumbai but made a mistake

Ronit Kawale
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To get relief from the scorching sun in this summer season, everyone keeps water outside the house for birds and animals. And earns virtue. Now to earn this virtue, actress Bhumi Pednekar has also done something similar. Whose video has surfaced. She had gone to do a good job. But one thing displeased people and they made fun of this good work of the actress. Actually, in the video of Bhumi Pednekar which is going viral on social media, she is wearing a white T-shirt. On which some logo is made. It seems that she is working with an NGO to keep water for the birds. She joined this campaign in Versova area of ​​Mumbai and kept water in earthen pots at various places.

Bhumi Pednekar kept water on the streets

In the video, Bhumi Pednekar is holding a big bowl of clay. She places it on the roadside and looks at the camera. After this she calls a girl who comes with a bottle in her hand and pours water in that vessel. During this time too, Bhumi is seen posing and getting photos clicked. Well. This is not the issue. People were surprised that the actress was boasting about her work and on top of that the vessel was not even completely filled with water. Only half remained. People reacted only on this.

People criticized Bhumi Pednekar

After watching this video of Bhumi Pednekar, a user wrote, 'There is only one bowl, it is not even filled with water, she has pasted her name and filled it with photos and videos. This is a very bad thing. One said, 'Why so much show off, why why?' One said, 'Such a wonderful job has been done… a 56 gun salute is made.' We never thought of doing this. One wrote, 'One bowl and so much madness.' One user said, 'Oh my God. So much drama over pouring water into the bowl. She has taken off her jeans and is fixing the same bowl. Then she is pouring water from the bottle. It's a two-minute job, plus so many cameras. We do everything out of our house. On your roof.'

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