Before throwing away old bangles, know these ways to decorate the house, everyone will praise the decoration

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It is not necessary to buy expensive things to decorate the house. You can decorate the useless things by giving them a new look. Because the house does not look beautiful just by keeping good and valuable things, but how each thing is used also matters. Therefore, the house can be decorated beautifully with old things even in a low budget.

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Making attractive decorative items for your home using old bangles is a very easy and fun task. Many decorative items can be made by coloring bangles. In such a situation, we are telling you how to give a new look to your home by using old bangles in the right way. If you decorate in this way, people will also praise it.

How to make a photo frame

First of all, you can make a beautiful photo frame using old bangles. For this, color the bangles in a single color or in multicolor. Now make a frame with the help of cardboard and paint it with any color. When it dries, break the bangles into small pieces and stick them on the frame. If you want, you can use the bangles without breaking them. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

Bangles Candle Holder

A very good candle holder can be made with the help of old bangles. For this, take old bangles of the same size and stick them well by placing them one above the other. Keep in mind that only glass bangles should be used for this. This type of holder will look very beautiful to protect small candles from the wind. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

Buy good wind chimes from the market

Instead of buying expensive wind chimes from the market, you can make better use of bangles. For this, first take 3 bangles and tie a thin gota patti on them. If you want, you can also decorate it with different ribbons. After this, stick one bangle on both sides of the bangles with glue. Now decorate small bells available in the market with embroidery thread and put them in all three bangles. Now tie a beautiful gota patti on one bangle. With this your wind chime will be ready. (Photo courtesy: Freepik)

It's also easy to make wall hangings

It is also very easy to make colorful and attractive wall hangings using old bangles. For this, make the bangles more beautiful by painting them in different colors or making designs on them. To make a wall hanging, place the bangles on the ground in a pyramid shape and tie them together with the help of a washcloth. Then decorate it with beads, mirrors and straws, you can also hang bells below if you want. Now hang it on the wall. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

Make tie backs for curtains

It often happens that the curtains in the living area need to be tied with a tie back or pull back. If there is no tie back, we tie a knot. Due to which the entire show of the living area looks bad. In such a situation, pull backs can be made from old bangles to tie the curtains. For this, first decorate 2 bangles with ribbon. Then tie a big rubber band on the bangle and then tie it to the other bangle. Now place the bangles on the curtain and cross one bangle with the other bangle and take it out. This will make your beautiful tie back ready. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

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