Before the India-Pakistan T20 match, watch the competition between these beauties, know which country's actress won

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India and Pakistan are once again face to face on the cricket field. The T20 World Cup match is going to be held between the two teams on June 9 in New York. Fans are already very excited about this. Like every time, this time too the match will be full of excitement. Meanwhile, we have brought the latest updates before the match for you.
We have brought a fashion competition between the two countries.

Actually, here we will take a look at the style of those actresses of India and Pakistan who are known by the same name. Like Alia Bhatt is with India, but in the neighboring country Hania Aamir is called Alia. Similarly there are many more beauties. Let's take a look at their looks.

Alia from India vs Alia from Pakistan

Like Alia Bhatt, Hania Aamir, also known as Pakistan's 'Alia', has a huge fan following in India. Here both the beauties are seen in suits. Alia is wearing a golden sleeveless suit, which is embroidered with golden threads and the border of the dupatta has lace. The beauty has completed her look with a maang tika, earrings and wavy hair.

Talking about Hania, she is winning people's hearts with her smile in a pink thread work suit. She looks beautiful with big earrings in her ears and open hair. In such a situation, a tough competition was seen between the two beauties. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @haniaheheofficial/aliaabhatt)

Katrina vs Pakistani 'Katrina'

Here Katrina is posing in a black polka dot dress. Whose full sleeves have been made balloon style. This beauty's look is absolutely perfect with open hair in the middle partition.

On the other hand, Pakistan's 'Katrina Kaif' i.e. Sehar Afzal is seen in a black sleeveless suit. There are black stars on the upper part of the suit. The beautiful girl has carried a flower printed dupatta with this knee-length kurta. Here, Katrina's western and simple style has overshadowed Sehar's ethnic look. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @seharafzall/katrinakaif)

Kangana vs Pakistani 'Kangana'

Kangana Vs Pakistani Kangana

Kangana Ranaut is also included in this list. Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani is called the queen of Bollywood in terms of looks. Here both are seen giving killer poses in lehenga. Kangana is wearing a pink and grey lehenga. On which golden stars and pink pearls are attached, while Sarwat is wreaking havoc in a red and golden outfit. Here both the beauties have completed their look with perfect makeup and jewellery. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sarwatg/kanganaranaut)

India's Sonakshi vs Pakistan's 'Sonakshi'

Indian Sonakshi vs Pakistani Sonakshi

Just like Alia and Katrina, Pakistan also has a 'Sonakshi Sinha'. Javeria Abbasi has a glimpse of Sonakshi and is called by the same name. Here both these beauties are posing in ethnic look.

Javeria is dressed like a bride in a yellow suit and floral jewellery, while Sonakshi is wearing a maroon lehenga choli with golden stars. Here, the Pakistani beauty could not outshine Sona. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @aslisona/ Facebook @JaveriaAbbasi)

Indian action vs Pakistani action

Indian action vs Pakistani action

Kriti Sanon is seen in a sporty look here. The beauty is wearing a crop jacket, checked bralette and matching pants. She gave it the final touch with golden hoops and light wavy curls. At the same time, Pakistani 'Kriti' i.e. RG Fatima is also looking amazing in a black outfit. She is wearing a black kurta with golden print. Wearing a golden bracelet in her hand and a neckpiece around her neck, she is also smiling. However, her magic looked a little faded in front of Kriti. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @kritisanon/arijfatymajafri)

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