Before 'Ramayana', he was seen in 'Vikram Betal', suddenly seeing Arun Govil in front of him, he mistook the famous writer for 'Lord Ram'

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Tarachand Barjatya, who gave actors who made records of success, gave his first film.
After becoming Ram, I did not get roles.
Studied from Meerut

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New Delhi. Narendra Kohli, who has written popular literature on Hindu mythological stories, has written in one of his books that Lord Ram appeared before him. In the very next sentence, he also writes that this Ram is the Ram from Ramanand Sagar's serial. It is not only Narendra Kohli who thinks this, many people (at least common people) will agree that it is very natural for Arun Govil's face to come to mind while meditating on Ram.

However, it is also a fact that there are a large number of people who see him as Ram with open eyes and are 'blessed' by paying obeisance at the feet of Govil. If Arun Govil wins the elections, he will sit with BJP MPs in the country's biggest panchayat, however, after playing the role of Ram in 87-88, he did not get any special role in films or serials for a long time, whereas he acted on the small screen. He started with the lead role of Maharaj Vikramaditya in the serial 'Vikram-Betaal' which was very popular at that time.

Even Barjatya could not bring success
It is also interesting that Arun Govil was launched by Tarachand Barjatya. In 1977, he gave work to Arun Govil in 'Paheli'. Although Barjatya's actor-actresses have set records of success, but this did not happen in the case of Arun Govil. He worked in another popular film – Sawan Ko Aane Do. The songs were wonderful and the film did well, but Arun Govil did not get the credit for its success. The songs of the film were liked a lot. Yesudas, who sang many popular songs of the film like 'Chand Jaise Mukhde Pe Bindiya Sitara', was highly appreciated. Arun Govil did not get the expected success here also.

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'Ram' remained as it was, 'Sita' reached Parliament
In future also he did many films, due to which he could not get recognition. When Ramanand Sagar thought of making Ramayana, he was chosen and this identity overshadowed all his other identities. Now people will remember very well that during the telecast of Ramayana on TV, everything used to stop. Not everyone had TV sets in their homes, yet everyone watched Ramayana. Many tried burning incense sticks. Arun Govil became Ram for the people.

He used to receive letters from every corner of the world in the name of Ram. Arun Govil would be seen everywhere from the airport, devotees would hold his feet. They would be busy in getting blessings for their children, although this was the situation of those who played other characters of Ramayana also. Deepika, who played the role of Sita, had to wear clothes etc. thoughtfully. Deepika soon entered politics. At that time, BJP also needed a similar character to destroy Vadodara, one of the Congress strongholds. In the 1991 elections, “Sita” won the Lok Sabha seat by defeating the Congress candidate. Apart from this, Arvind Trivedi, who played the character of Ravana, has also been an MP.

The new generation also recognized the telecast of Ramayana in Corona
Arun Govil was left. Maybe he could not look towards politics in search of his role in films. On the occasion of the inauguration of Ram temple, signs of his political incarnation also started appearing. He was given a grand welcome in Ayodhya. The new generation had already got a chance to come face to face with Ramayana on TV during the Corona period. Even those born after 80 recognized 'this Ram'.

'Meerut is our city'
Most importantly, Govil got BJP ticket from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in Meerut on 12 January 1958, a year after the second general elections in independent India. He completed his education in Meerut only. Spent some time in nearby Saharanpur. The reason is that he will not face any problem in campaigning on this most important seat of West Bengal. Arun Govil has obtained a degree from Chaudhary Charan Singh University. After that, he went to Mumbai with his brother to learn the tricks of business and become a businessman. There he became Ram in Mayanagari and was hoping that bigger roles would make him accepted in films, but now he had to enter politics.

The pain of not getting a role, and the 'big role'
In personal meetings, he expressed his sadness over not getting roles after playing the role of Ram. The author has also had such a meeting with Arun Govil. But this time he has entered a role where he will have a lot to do after winning the elections. Now it will be up to them how far they go in this direction.

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