Baloch American Congress expressed strong protest on Gwadar fencing

Ronit Kawale
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The Baloch American Congress (BAC) condemned the occupation of Gwadar by Pakistan and China, calling it a violation of international law and the rights of the Baloch nation.

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Many organizations belonging to the Baloch community are spreading their message and raising awareness regarding the fencing of Gwadar on various social media platforms.

In its recent statement on the platform

Gwadar, a strategically important port city in Balochistan, has been a focal point of controversy due to development projects led by Pakistan and China.

BAC stressed that the occupation is a violation of the sovereignty of the Baloch people and called for global condemnation of the injustice.

The Baloch American Congress said, “The occupation of Gwadar by Pakistan and China is a violation of international law and the rights of the Baloch nation.” Now is the time for the world to condemn this injustice and support the struggle of the Baloch people for sovereignty.”

Based in Washington, DC, the BAC is an organization promoting the Baloch national struggle for the right to self-determination.

Fencing around the city of Gwadar has been the subject of controversy and concern, particularly among some Baloch groups, who see it as part of broader issues related to land rights, development projects and autonomy in the region.

Recently, Mehrang Baloch, a prominent voice advocating Baloch rights and sovereignty, also made a significant appearance at a recent conference focused on the controversial issue of Gwadar fencing.

Baloch, who is known for her vocal advocacy and unwavering commitment to the Baloch cause, delivered an engaging speech during the conference.

He clarified the concerns of the Baloch community regarding the fencing initiative, emphasizing its potential impact on local livelihoods, land ownership and the broader struggle for autonomy and self-determination.

Mehrang also faced officials who allegedly stopped several participants from entering the conference over the issue of Gwadar fencing.

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