Bad situation… Even after doing B.Ed, I am not getting a job! The number of applications received is not as many as the number of seats available

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UP B.Ed Admission 2024 Latest News: With the chances of getting government jobs decreasing, the disillusionment of the youth with B.Ed studies is clearly visible. This year only 2.23 lakh applications have been received for admission in B.Ed. This is even less than the total number of seats. Last year twice the number of students had applied as compared to the total number of seats. Earlier, three times more applications were received.

UP B.Ed 2024: This is how applications decreased

In the last two decades, the craze for B.Ed. studies has increased rapidly in UP and new colleges have also opened. Even now, there are more than 2500 B.Ed. colleges in UP and more than 2.45 lakh seats. Despite having so many seats, there was a lot of competition for admission. There were three times more applications than the number of seats.

Year Number of Seats in UP B.Ed How many applications were received in total?
2021 2.51 Lakh 5.91 Lakh
2022 2.25 Lakh 6.67 Lakh
2023 2.45 Lakh 4.74 Lakh
2024 2.45 Lakh 2.23 Lakh

UP B.Ed Exam 2024: Not even 20% seats are expected to be filled

Even two years ago, three times more applications were received, even then only half of the total seats could be filled through counselling. In 2021, 1.19 lakh out of 2.51 lakh seats were filled and in 2022, 1.36 lakh out of 2.25 lakh seats were filled. Last year only 61 thousand seats could be filled. This was less than 25 percent of the total seats. This time, the number of applications received is not even equal to the number of seats. In such a situation, B.Ed college managers are worried. They are worried whether even 15-20 percent of the seats will be filled or not.

Regarding this, Vinay Trivedi, the state president of Uttar Pradesh Self-financed College Association, says that the situation is very bad. The main reason for this is the loss of hope of getting a job. The situation can improve only when there are timely recruitments in high schools and intermediate colleges. Apart from this, the requirement of B.Ed to become a teacher in private schools should also be strictly implemented.

NBT Lens: This is why we got disappointed

B.Ed has been a mandatory qualification to become a teacher in many schools (class 6 to 10) since the beginning. While BTC (now B.Ed) is the qualification to teach classes 1 to 5. When people with BTC were not available, the state governments amended the rules and considered B.Ed holders also eligible for basic teacher. Permission was also taken from the Human Resource Ministry for this. But the condition was that those with B.Ed would be given six months of special BTC training.

Last year, when the admission process for B.Ed and BTC was going on, the Supreme Court issued an order that those with B.Ed will not be eligible to teach till class V. The condition of inter colleges and high schools is such that the Secondary Education Service Selection Board has not been able to make recruitments since 2011. The B.Ed qualification is not strictly followed for teacher recruitment in private schools. In such a situation, the hopes of getting a job from all sides ended and people got disillusioned with B.Ed studies.

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