'Bad condition' of IIT! More than 7000 did not get jobs, top colleges are asking for help from their own students

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IIT Placement 2024 Latest News in Hindi: The condition of the country's best engineering colleges – IITs – seems to be in a bad shape these days. The top IITs – IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi – that make it to the national and global rankings of top colleges every year, are unable to provide jobs to their students. We are not saying this, the latest report is saying this. This has been revealed in an RTI.

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It so happened that Dheeraj Singh, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, had sent an RTI application seeking report of job placement in 23 IITs of the country in 2024. The figures that emerged in response to this are shocking.

IIT Placements 2024: 38% students still vacant

Once you get admission in IIT, a salary of lakhs is assured after four years. Old figures also prove this. That is why every year children prepare vigorously for the IIT JEE exam. But the figures of the last 3 years are telling a different story. The placement figures in all 23 IITs of the country are as follows-

Year Registered got placement left empty handed
2022 17,900 14,490 19%
2023 20,000 15,830 21%
2024 21,500 13,410 38%

In response to IITian Dheeraj Singh's RTI, IIT Delhi wrote- 'As the 2023-24 placement season is coming to an end, we are facing a big challenge. Despite our best efforts, 400 students have still not been able to get a job. In view of this, we are contacting our distinguished alumni (IIT Alumni) so that they can provide jobs to these engineering graduates.

IIT had to say- 'Give jobs to our students'

IIT Delhi has written in the request letter sent to its alumni – 'On behalf of IIT Delhi Career Services Office, we request you to extend a helping hand to our students. Your help and efforts in this matter will not only be greatly appreciated, but it will also prove to be a milestone for these students in the beginning of their new journey.'

Similarly, IIT Bombay has also sought help from its alumni. Birla Institute of Technology and Science has written a letter to its alumni just two months ago. Similarly, many other institutes are also seeking help from their alumni in getting jobs for new students.

Engineering Jobs: 'Placements are 20-30% less everywhere'

V Ramgopal Rao, VC, BITS, said, “There has been a 20 to 30 per cent decline in placements everywhere. If an institute says that all the students have got placements, then the job quality will not be as expected. This is the first year that Chat GPT and larger language models are showing their impact on jobs. If two people can do the work of three people, then hiring is reduced by 30 percent anyway.

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