Babar Azam said on the shameful defeat, America defeated us in all three departments

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Pakistan lost in the super over America caused an upset by defeating Pakistan

New Delhi. Pakistan has suffered a humiliating defeat in its first match of the T20 World Cup 2024. Host USA has kept its hopes alive of reaching the Super 8 in this World Cup by defeating it in the Super Over. In this match played in Dallas, Pakistan's batting, bowling and fielding were all very poor. After the defeat, Pak captain Babar Azam said that his team could not bat well in the first 6 overs. Babar admitted that the host team proved his team to be second in all three departments.

Mohammad Aamir bowled aimlessly in the super over and gave 18 runs including 7 wides. After which Saurabh Netravalkar gave 13 runs and gave America an upset win of 5 runs over former champion Pakistan in a thrilling match. This is America's second consecutive win in this World Cup. In Aamir's super over, America scored 18 runs at the loss of one wicket with the innings of Aaron James (11) and Harmeet Singh (00 not out). In reply, Pakistan's team could score only 13 runs at the loss of one wicket in Netravalkar's over. Fakhar Zaman (00 not out), Iftikhar Ahmed (04) and Shadab Khan (03 not out) came to bat for Pakistan.

T20 World Cup 2024: Biggest upset in T20 World Cup, USA beat Pakistan in Super Over

After the defeat, Babar Azam said, 'We could not take advantage of the first 6 overs while batting. You always come on the backfoot due to continuous fall of wickets. As a batsman, you need to move forward and build a partnership. We could not perform well with the ball in the first 6 overs. Our spinners also could not take wickets in the middle overs, due to which we had to suffer.'

Earlier, chasing Pakistan's target of 160 runs, the US tied the match at 159 for 3 with the help of a half-century from captain Monak Patel (50) and his 68-run partnership for the second wicket with Andries Gaus (35). Aaron Jones (36 not out) and Nitish Kumar (14 not out) scored 13 runs in the last over to level the match.

Babar said, 'It is difficult to digest the defeat. The credit for the victory goes to America. They played better than us in all three departments. There was some moisture in the pitch. The ball was sometimes going up and sometimes down. But as a player you need to adjust to these conditions.' Pakistan's second match will be against India on 9 June.

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