Babar Azam is not MS Dhoni… When two 'giants' clashed in a TV debate, there was chaos

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Ahmed Shahzad strongly criticized the decision to make Babar the captain Shahzad raised the question that what did the team do under Babar's captaincy

New Delhi. Under the captaincy of Babar Azam, the Pakistan cricket team is all set to play in the T20 World Cup 2024. The team's first match is against USA on Thursday (June 6). Ahead of this match, questions are being raised on Babar Azam's captaincy. Babar has recently been given the command of the team again. In a TV debate in Pakistan, two of its openers clashed with each other. Ahmed Shahzad, who is out of the team, was asked whether Babar Azam is biased while selecting players for the national team. In response, Ahmed Shahzad made sharp remarks against Babar Azam.

Ahmed Shahzad criticized Babar Azam in harsh words. He also criticized the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for making Babar the captain of the white ball team again just before the T20 World Cup. Ahmed Shahzad said, 'Talking about Babar Azam, there is a matter of friendship here. Look, he has been carrying some players for a long time. Those players have not been in form for a long time. It does not look good. If I count the number of matches, you will know that players do not get opportunities for such a long time.'

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Have we won any competition in the last 4-5 years?
Ahmed Shahzad has played 13 Tests, 81 ODIs and 59 T20 Internationals for Pakistan. Shahzad said, 'We do not play cricket to win bilateral series, but to win ICC events. Have we won any event in the last 4-5 years? If we have not won, then I would say that there is a gang, a gang of friendship and agents working here who have been misleading people for the last 4-5 years.'

'Babar Azam was made captain again as if he was Dhoni'
Babar Azam has again been given the command of the T20 and ODI team in place of Shaheen Afridi. Ahmed Shahzad said that something went wrong with Shaheen Afridi. He was made the captain for only two matches and then removed. Shahzad said that Babar neither won any tournament nor any big series, yet he was given the captaincy as if he was MS Dhoni. Babar resigned from the captaincy after the ODI World Cup 2023 held in India. After which Shan Masood was given the command of the Test team while Shaheen Afridi was made the captain of the T20 team.

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