Avoiding major changes, these are the 5 big messages of Modi 3.0 government

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: On June 9, after 7 pm, PM Modi took oath for the third time from Rashtrapati Bhavan. Apart from him, 71 ministers also took the oath of office and secrecy. Many of them have been given the status of cabinet ministers, while many leaders have been given the status of Minister of State and Minister of State with independent charge. However, who will get which ministry is yet to be decided. By taking oath on Sunday, PM Modi has equaled the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, while 5 messages have also come out from Modi 3.0.5 Message came from the government for the third time
1- Avoid major changes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for giving big surprises on big occasions. But there were no big surprises in his team for the third term. Almost all the ministers from the second term were included. Those who did not return either lost the elections or were removed for other reasons. A major change was seen in the form of 'avoiding big changes'. For the first time, Modi is leading a government in which the majority depends on allies.

2- …but now it was BJP's turn
When BJP failed to get majority on its own in the 18th Lok Sabha elections, it was said that the allies will strengthen their hold on the government. There will be talks, but this was not seen in the formation of the government. Be it TDP or JDU or other allies, BJP gave them participation on its own terms. Both JDU and TDP were demanding at least four ministerial posts.

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3- There is little scope for further change
By swearing in 71 ministers on the very first day, Modi gave the message that there will be no immediate expansion in the government in the near future. According to the rules, a maximum of 81 ministers can remain in the government. By doing this, Modi gave the message that no one else should aspire to become a minister in the future. Also, there will be pressure on the existing ministers to work, otherwise new ministers will come at their expense.

4- The impact that comes with the election results
The impact of the results of the Lok Sabha elections was also seen in NDA 3.0. In states like UP where the results were not as expected, this time the risk of doing big experiments was less taken. Whereas in states like Maharashtra where assembly elections are proposed at the end of this year, an attempt was made to strike a balance.

5- The organization is now ready for a big surprise
The new cabinet of the Modi government also laid the foundation for change in the organization. Like in 2014 Rajnath Singh was the BJP president and after winning the election he became a minister. Along with this there was a change in the party organization as well. Similarly in 2019 Amit Shah was the party president and after winning the election JP Nadda became the party president. Similarly this time Nadda has become a minister. It is believed that soon a big change will be seen in the party organization from the government.

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