Anushka-Virat will shift to London with children? Will decide on the upbringing of Vamika and Akay!

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The pair of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is one of the most favorite couples in the world of Bollywood and cricket. People are aware of the fan following of both. Especially after the birth of their daughter Vamika and son Akay, both of them have come into the limelight even more. The couple has not yet shown the faces of their two children but they often talk about them. However, amidst all this, a heart-wrenching video surfaced for the fans of Virat and Anushka, in which Virat hinted that they may shift to London with the children. Let us tell you the whole thing. Cricket fans had tears in their eyes after seeing Virat Kohli talking about his retirement. In a viral video, the star cricketer opened up about his retirement and revealed when it could happen.

Fans are heartbroken after hearing Virat Kohli's words.

He said, 'As a player, our career has an end date. I'm just working backwards, I can't play forever. I'm sure by then I won't have any regrets. As long as I'm playing, I'll give my all, but once I finish playing, I'll be gone, you won't see me for a while.'

Will Virat-Anushka shift to London?

Now his words are leading to speculations that Kohli is probably thinking of going abroad with his wife Anushka Sharma and his two children Vamika and Akay. Earlier this year he was away from the media limelight. Now there are reports that they may settle in UK to raise their two children.

Ake was born in britain

After the decision to keep his son in Britain, this matter has gained even more importance. However, no official announcement has been made. Fans are just giving their opinion on this matter of Virat Kohli. This week Virat and Anushka had distributed gifts to the journalists. The couple, who are very private about keeping pictures of their children away from the media, sent a gift to the paparazzi and requested them to avoid taking pictures of Vamika and Akay again.

Alia also did something similar

Last year, Alia Bhatt had also made a similar request to the paparazzi and asked them not to take pictures of her baby Rah Kapoor. They finally made the paparazzi happy when they allowed them to take pictures of Raha on Christmas Day 2023. Since then, Raha is seen frequently.

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