Anupam Kher made wedding-like preparations on his mother's birthday, showed the entire video live on Instagram

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Anupam Kher celebrated his beloved mother Dulari's birthday with great pomp today on June 5. This time he planned something different and celebrated his mother's birthday live with fans on Instagram. Anupam Kher often shares glimpses of his beautiful bonding with his mother on social media and this time he showed everything live. However, seeing so much pomp on her birthday, the mother is seen signaling to beat Anupam Kher, while the very next moment she starts dancing with her sons in this birthday celebration.

This time Anupam Kher decided to celebrate his mother's birthday live and said that I have arranged a band, maybe mother will become very happy, emotional and maybe even angry with me. He had arranged a band like a wedding on this occasion. As soon as mother came out of the studio, she was welcomed with a birthday song on the band and he himself was seen dancing. During this, Anupam kept gesturing to the people present there that they should leave no stone unturned in the celebration.

Mother said- this is my 15th birthday

Anupam Kher's younger brother Raju was also present on this occasion. After coming inside, he went to cut the cake for his mother. During this, he told that this is his mother's sweet 16 i.e. 16th birthday, to which his mother replied that this is her 15th birthday.

Dulari Devi said- this is very difficult to digest

On this occasion, when Anupam asked his mother to say something, she said, “You all love me so much, what more do I need? It is very difficult to digest this.”

The rest of the family also reached there.

During this, Dulari calls her people standing far away and Anupam Kher calls other members of the family. Anupam said- Mother does not want anyone's evil eye to fall on her, so she replies- Who will cast an evil eye on me, everyone is my own, there is no one here who will cast an evil eye.

'Like every mother, our mother is also the most beautiful gift given to us by nature'

Earlier, Anupam Kher had shared a video with his mother in which he is seen taking money out of his purse and his mother is watching him. The caption of this video reads, 'Today is the birthday of Raju and Bittu's mother. Many happy wishes to mother. Like every mother, our mother is also the most beautiful gift of nature to us. May God give you a long and healthy life. We will always keep our darling happy. Jai Mata Ki!'

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