Announcement of the biopic of the country's first female IPS Kiran Bedi, it will show a tremendous story of bravery, fearlessness and truth

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It is said that she was the only female IPS officer among 80 male police officers of her batch… When someone teased her sister, she beat up the accused in the middle of the market. She decided to make girls aware. She raised her voice against the dowry system. Bravery, fearlessness, love, truth, strength and passion to achieve something. We are talking about the country's first IPS woman officer Kiran Bedi, whose name you must have heard, but no one knows her story. Now this story is coming on screen as a film. The name is 'Bedi'. On June 11, the makers shared the announcement video of the biopic, which is going viral. The film 'Bedi' is being directed by Kushal Chawla. The cast has not been revealed yet. But it is being told that this film will be released next year in 2025.

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Kiran Bedi was also a tennis player

Kiran Bedi has been a big name in the country. Perhaps you do not know that she was also a tennis player. She became an IPS in 1972. The first female IPS of the country. After serving the country for 35 years, she retired in 2007. At that time she was the Director General of the Bureau of Police Research and Development.

Kiran Bedi did a lot of social work

Kiran Bedi has served as an IPS officer in Delhi, Goa, Chandigarh and Mizoram. Born on 9 June 1949 in Amritsar, Kiran Bedi campaigned against drugs. She contributed to making Tihar Jail a model jail. She banned prisoners from smoking in the jail. She conducted Vipassana meditation classes. She also did many other social works.

Kiran's husband was 9 years older than her

Old photo of Kiran Bedi and her husband

Talking about her personal life, Kiran Bedi met Brij Bedi on the tennis court, who was 9 years older than her. They got married in 1972. Three years later, their daughter was born.

My relationship with my husband got strained because of my parents

Reports suggest that after becoming an IPS, Kiran brought her parents and both unmarried sisters to a government house. When Kiran and Brij's daughter was born, Kiran's family dominated the entire house. In such a situation, Brij's family could not even see the baby. Gradually, she started feeling suffocated and her relationship with her in-laws deteriorated due to living in her in-laws' house. She left the house and both lived separately for the rest of their lives. Both never got divorced. Brij died on 31 January 2016.

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