Anemia patients are increasing, if you see these symptoms in the body then be careful, otherwise..

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Ananth Kumar/Gumla. In today's time, the problem of blood deficiency i.e. anemia is increasing day by day among people. The main reason for this is the lifestyle and food habits of the people. This problem is seen more especially in women. Decreasing hemoglobin level in the body causes anemia/blood deficiency related diseases. If attention is not given at the right time, it can also cause serious problems in the future. In this news, we are going to tell you about some symptoms seen in the body due to anemia. With this you can know sitting at home whether there is any blood deficiency in your body.

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Gumla Sadar Hospital Deputy Superintendent Dr. Anupam Kishore said that nowadays there is a lot of anemia especially in women and children. The main reason for this is lifestyle and eating habits. Nowadays people prefer to eat delicious food from outside, which gives rise to many diseases. One of them is anemia and many diseases related to it. If the following symptoms are visible in your body, then be careful, there is lack of blood in your body too.

This is how you can identify
Feeling extremely weak, frequent dizziness, headache and heaviness, difficulty in breathing, cold hands and feet, loss of appetite, etc. are some common symptoms of anemia. If any of these symptoms appear in your body, then definitely consult a doctor. After treatment, medicines and iron tablets are given by the doctor.

To deal with this, school girls are also given one blue pill a week to take in the school itself. Adequate quantity of medicines are available in the hospital for pregnant women, children and everyone else. To avoid anemia, consume green leafy vegetables, spinach, fruits and flowers at home. If possible, consume beetroot, gram, jaggery, maduwa etc. regularly. Maduva/Ragi contains high amount of iron.

Government also runs programs
Anemia can be avoided by taking these small measures. For the prevention of anemia, special programs are also run by the government regularly every six months and throughout the year. Our district is a tribal dominated area. The main cause of anemia in women here is worms. Therefore, take the Albendazole tablet that is given to you.

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