An actor 15 years older than Dimple Kapadia married her on certain conditions, a big mistake committed at a young age is a lesson for centuries

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Bollywood's Bobby i.e. Dimple Kapadia is celebrating her 67th birthday today. Even today people like her a lot because the actress has made a place in people's hearts with her excellent acting. The actress, who wanted to act since childhood, once took 'exile' from the film industry. After marriage, Dimple stopped working in films. However, after some time she once again stepped into Bollywood and became famous.

Dimple, who fell in love with actor Rajesh Khanna, who was 15 years older than her, at the age of just 16, has seen many ups and downs in her life. Even though she married Bollywood's first superstar, her life has been full of ups and downs. Because her marriage with 'Kaka', which was on conditions, did not last long. She made a mistake by taking the biggest decision of her life at a young age. In an interview, the actress herself has called her decision wrong.

That is why it is always said that decisions should be taken thoughtfully and at the right time so that there is no need to change the decision when the time changes. Dimple's life teaches everyone a lesson which should be understood and moved forward. And today on Dimple's birthday, we are telling you about the lessons learnt from her life. (Photo courtesy: Instagram dimplekapadia_dk)

Dimple-Kaka's relationship grew on one condition!

According to media reports, in the 70s, Dimple's beauty had fascinated not only Raj Kapoor but also actor Rajesh Khanna, popularly known as Kaka Babu. One day he took Dimple to the beach and proposed to her. Not only this, he also put a condition that Dimple will not work in films after marriage. Dimple, who was crazy about Rajesh Khanna since childhood, fell in love and agreed to all the conditions and married Kaka at the age of 16.

Dimple's first film Bobby was released 6 months after her marriage. The actress gained a lot of popularity from this film. However, she had to distance herself from the film industry at the behest of Rajesh Khanna. Dimple had no regrets about leaving stardom for her family. But she would have never imagined what turn her life was going to take next.

The age of relationship is very short

Soon after his marriage to Dimple, all of Rajesh Khanna's films started to flop. Unable to tolerate the failure, he started to vent his anger on his family. When the rift between the two grew, the actor left Dimple and started living separately. After the separation in 1982, Dimple went to live with her parents along with her two daughters Twinkle and Rinke.

Dimple regretted getting married at the peak of her career at the age of just 16. In an interview given to India Today in 1985, she described her marriage as a wrong decision of life. However, she returned to films once again, after which Dimple never looked back.

It is not good to rush into taking big decisions

It is not good to rush into taking big decisions

Even though Dimple violated the conditions, she regrets taking such a big decision of marriage in haste. Therefore, every person should wait for the right time before taking any decision. Because at a young age, no one can be wise enough to understand the meaning of life. At the age of 16, any person can make a mistake in choosing a life partner. At such a young age, no one can understand the aspects of life in front of the passion of love.

Circumstances weaken the foundation of relationships

Circumstances weaken the foundation of relationships

There is a place for promises and vows in love, but the foundation becomes weak because of conditions. Because when love flourishes, all the conditions are accepted, but when wisdom comes, the real value is understood. Its effect is definitely visible on the relationship. The regret increasing every day becomes the reason for fights and arguments. Therefore, when the relationship moves forward without any conditions, it is more healthy.

It is important to give priority to career

It is important to give priority to career

Career should be a priority for any person before marriage, because whether someone supports you throughout your life or not, your ability will definitely support you. Not only this, it is most important for a girl to be capable so that she does not depend on anyone, she can stand on her own feet and live her life with respect. There is no guarantee when your partner or family will leave you. But if you are capable of taking responsibility for yourself, then you will not regret anyone's departure.

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