Amit Shah told when UCC and 'one nation one election' will be implemented, said this on opposition to Muslim reservation

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New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has made a big announcement on 'one nation, one election' and Uniform Civil Code (UCC). He said that it will be implemented in the next term. Not only this, he also said that opposing Muslim reservation and talking about UCC is religion-based propaganda, so we will continue doing this. He considered the opposition's criticism of the Election Commission as a ploy to hide its imminent defeat. He said these things in an interview to PTI. The Union Home Minister said that due to the 'positive mandate' being received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP will get a big victory in opposition-ruled states.

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'BJP did not run any religion based campaign'

Amit Shah claimed in an interview that his party has not run any religion-based campaign. However, he stressed that if running a campaign against reservation for Muslims and reaching out to voters to abolish Article 370 and implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a religion-based election campaign, then the BJP has done so and will continue to do so. During this, Amit Shah bluntly said that in the next phase i.e. within five years, UCC will be implemented in the entire country. A similar claim was made regarding 'one country, one election'.

Gave a befitting reply to the opposition's questions on EVM

Amit Shah rejected the opposition's criticism of the Election Commission over issues such as electronic voting machines (EVMs) and polling data. He said similar protocols and practices were followed in previous assembly elections, including in Telangana, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, and the BJP lost these polls. “If those elections were fair then this election is also fair. When you see defeat, you already start crying and look for excuses to go abroad. This cannot go on anymore. If they have to go on leave on the 6th, they must say something,” Shah said.

He also took a dig at Rahul Gandhi

Amit Shah further said that the purpose of Congress raising questions on the election process is to hide Rahul Gandhi's failure. The opposition party did not make any such suggestion in the traditional all-party meeting called by the Commission before the elections. Whenever the opposition loses elections, it raises questions on EVMs. There is zero possibility of rigging in EVMs and they want such elections in which rigging can take place.

What did Shah say on the slogan '400 plus'?

When asked whether there is any strategy in the slogan 'Iss Baar 400 Paar', BJP's chief strategist responded. After the completion of six phases of the election, he said that this claim is not just an election slogan but a well thought out target. We will definitely cross the 400 seat mark. We will also form the government in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. Assembly elections in these three states were held along with the Lok Sabha elections.

Amit Shah further said that now we should get 399 seats and you say that we will not get 400, then it is a question of your understanding. But we have talked about 400 after calculating and this has been done thoughtfully. When asked whether the party is not too dependent on Modi and is its alliance benefiting due to the relatively weak opposition? On this, the former BJP president said that this is not a negative but a positive vote that the ruling alliance is getting. PM ​​Modi brought BJP's ideology to the ground. Like Antyodaya, Garib Kalyan. This is our ideology.

POK is ours- Amit Shah

Amit Shah said that abolishing Article 370, implementing Uniform Civil Code across the country, women reservation or construction of Ram temple is our ideology. Pakistan occupied Kashmir is ours and we have taken a pledge for it, so PM Modi has brought BJP's ideology to the ground. The popularity of the Prime Minister naturally strengthens the BJP. PM Modi is our biggest leader and this is not a negative vote. We should assume that this is a positive vote. Wherever we are in government, we are going to get a mandate and where we are not, we are going to get a big mandate there too. In a way, this is a positive mandate for the work of the central government.

Opposition is misleading people on Muslim reservation: Shah

Shah accused the main opposition Congress of misleading people on the issue of Muslim reservation. He asserted that it was spreading lies against the BJP on reservation. Defending Modi's attack on the Congress on the issue of religious reservation and redistribution of wealth, he said, “If they will tear the truth into pieces to mislead people, is it not our duty to put those pieces together? Tell the public.”

The Union Home Minister fiercely targeted the Congress

When asked about Congress' allegations against Modi, he said that you must have heard and understood Rahul Gandhi's X-ray speech. So whose X-ray do you want? And if you want to distribute it equally, then to whom will you distribute it? Manmohan Singh had said that minorities are his priority. What does this mean? Replying to a question about Congress' promise of giving Rs 1 lakh to women from poor families, he said that Congress has a history of making populist promises to come to power. But they have never fulfilled the promises.

Shah told where will BJP get the lead?

Shah said that right now they have government in two-three states. Give whatever is asked. You are talking of one lakh, start with 1500 rupees… who will believe it brother? When asked in which states BJP is expected to get a good lead in the Lok Sabha elections, Shah said that it can get 24 to 30 seats in West Bengal and 16 to 17 seats in Odisha. He said that BJP and its alliance will win around 17 seats in Andhra Pradesh. There are 42, 21 and 25 Lok Sabha seats respectively in the three states. Shah claimed that BJP is sure to get majority in Odisha Assembly and it is expected to get 75 seats in the 147 member assembly. He said that his alliance will come to power in Andhra Pradesh too.

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