Amit Shah played Lalu's trick in the Lok Sabha elections, remember that thing from 2015?

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New Delhi: Everyone knows that if there is anything permanent it is change. No one remains untouched by change. Politics also goes through a period of change. Due to changes in circumstances, what was good for one person yesterday becomes good for someone else today. Now 'Who is the groom?' Just take the story. Former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav had asked BJP during the 2015 assembly elections, 'Who is your groom?' Lalu had said in an election rally in Jamui, Nitish Kumar is the groom in our alliance, but BJP has no groom. See the need of the hour, today BJP is asking – who is the groom? Lalu has no answer.

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When Shah asked the crowd – Who is the groom of the opposition?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday claimed that if the alliance of opposition parties comes to power, they will keep changing the post of Prime Minister among themselves as they do not have any PM face. Shah said this from the same land of Bihar where Lalu Prasad Yadav had once taunted BJP 'in the name of the groom'. Addressing election rallies in Madhubani and Sitamarhi, Shah said, 'They (India Bloc) do not have any face for the post of PM. The country has decided to give third term to Modi ji. But, can you tell me who will be the PM candidate of India Bloc?…They have decided to rotate the PM's chair among themselves. I would like to say that running a country is not like running a grocery store. If a situation like Covid pandemic arises, will they be able to save the country? Will they be able to protect the country from terrorists?

Then Lalu had asked a question to BJP by taking Nitish's name.

Interestingly, nine years ago, in an election rally, Lalu had raised questions on BJP by taking Nitish's name. Today the same Nitish is in favor of BJP. On the other hand, in the same Bihar, Shah also asked the public in an election rally – Who is the PM candidate of India Block? Lalu had also publicly asked – Who is the groom of BJP? How fast the situation changes can be gauged from one more thing. When the alliance of opposition parties was taking shape, their meeting was held in Patna. At that time Nitish was also in the opposition camp. Rahul Gandhi was also on the stage. Lalu jokingly told Rahul, 'Now you become the groom, we all will be guests in your wedding procession.' The message of Lalu's statement was interpreted to be that he was actually asking Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Ministerial candidate. Lalu had assured Rahul through the language of gestures that if he becomes PM, other parties will stand firmly with him.

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Opposition could not decide on PM candidate

After a few days, Nitish left Lalu and joined BJP. Not only did the government change in Bihar, the efforts of the opposition alliance also suffered a major setback. While in opposition, Nitish himself used to be a strong contender for the post of PM. On the other hand, indirect claims of many other opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee also kept coming to the fore. This dilemma could not be resolved, hence the alliance of opposition parties did not declare their PM candidate. BJP made a cartoon on this. The title of the video cartoon released on the social media platform was, 'Who is the groom?' The video shows how the heads of most of the parties included in the opposition alliance are proving themselves to be contenders for the post of PM.

Lalu's weapon fell into Shah's hands

Overall, the word which Lalu Prasad Yadav had coined to make BJP uncomfortable in the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections, seems to be becoming a thorn in the neck of his alliance today. Be it BJP's cartoon or Amit Shah's question, the opposition alliance is uneasy today. It is true that the Prime Minister does not have any universally accepted face in the opposition. The same was true for BJP in 2015 that it was not able to finalize any face for the post of Chief Minister of Bihar. That means the situation has changed in nine years. The question which was making BJP uncomfortable yesterday is making its opponents uncomfortable today.

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