Amid divorce rumours from Hardik Pandya, Natasha shares first mirror selfie, is the actress waiting for 'peace, love and miracle'?

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New Delhi. Whose evil eye has fallen on the love of Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya? Why are the rumors of divorce of this star couple gaining momentum and why are both Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya still silent on these news? Many such questions are troubling their fans and close ones. As soon as Natasha Stankovic removed the surname 'Pandya' from her name, the market of rumors started heating up. People felt that something is definitely going wrong between cricketer Hardik Pandya and her. Rumors have been flying for the last few days about the personal life of the couple. Amidst these rumors, actress Natasha has shared a post with her picture for the first time, which is now going viral.

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The rumors of Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya's divorce are not stopping. However, the couple has maintained silence on this matter till now. Amidst these news, Natasha has shared another picture with a mirror selfie for the first time. People's attention is going more to the caption shared with the post than the picture. Which seems to be an accurate reaction to the rift with her husband.

Natasha is very active on social media and she is constantly creating doubts in the minds of people through her Insta stories. Amidst the news of divorce, she has shared her picture for the first time. This picture is a mirror selfie, which she has taken in the lift. She is seen smiling in the picture.

Natasha Stankovic has given a hint to many fans with this one post. Photo courtesy-@natasastankovic__/Instagram

Along with this, she has shared another picture in which Ishu is seen walking in the fields with a child, it is clear from this picture that Natasha is praying to God after her personal life is surrounded by questions.

From the picture, fans are guessing that she is really sad and remembering God. Photo Credit- @natasastankovic__/Instagram

The caption she has written to post these two pictures is attracting people's attention. Actually, while sharing this post, she said everything without saying anything. The actress has shared the post with emojis. She has shared white dove, heart, cross mark and miracle emojis. These are also symbols of peace-love-prayer and miracle.

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This post of Natasha Stankovic is attracting people's attention.

However, reports of their alleged separation surfaced earlier this month. In fact, it caught everyone's attention when a post on Reddit titled 'Natasa and Hardik split?' claimed that the two were not posting pictures with each other and questioned Natasha's absence from IPL 2024 matches. A Reddit user had commented that Hardik Pandya did not post anything about Natasha on his birthday on March 4. However, the cricketer's brother Krunal Pandya is still commenting on his posts and posting cute pictures with his son Agastya. Natasha is also reacting to these pictures.

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