​'Allah will not forgive those who destroy my house', became an actress out of compulsion, kept a big secret on screen all her life

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New Delhi. The life of film stars is not as dazzling as it appears in real life. A top actress of her time who also worked with stars like Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra and Rajkumar. But the real life of this actress was full of thorns.

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That famous actress of the industry who played only those characters in her career which became memorable. The personal life of this actress, who has established her influence in the film world, was quite sad. On the big screen, where the audience recognizes every facial expression of the actor very minutely, this actress kept a deep secret of hers hidden for years. But in the last days of her life, this actress also regretted the mistakes she had made in her life.

Stayed away from mother during her last moments, first earning is Rs 50, net worth is Rs 6300 crore, star does not want to work in Hollywood

Top actress got married secretly overnight
That top actress of the acting world whose relationship with films was more painful than the one she had. There was so much pain in his life that he never needed the help of glycerine or water to cry in films. The actress who earned a lot of wealth and fame in her career was none other than Meena Kumari, who was seen in Pakeez, who at the age of 19 got married secretly to Kamal Amrohi, who was twice her age.

The actress's work in the film 'Mere Apne' was greatly appreciated.

Became an actress due to financial constraints
Due to good financial condition of the house, Meena started acting at the age of just seven years. But he got recognition from the film 'Baiju Bawra', which took him to the heights of fame. In the year 2015, Meena Kumari's step son Tajdar had told in an interview to Filmfare that Meena Kumari had broken her relationship with Kamal Amrohi after only 8 months. He used to call Meena Chhoti Ammi. He had told that in her last days, Meena Kumari had realized her mistakes. She was often cursing the industry by saying that Allah will never forgive those who have ruined my house.

Let us tell you that Meena Kumari was once coming to Mumbai from Mahabaleshwar. During this time, an accident happened and in this accident the smallest finger of the actress's left hand was broken. After this, Meena Kumari always kept her finger hidden on the screen with a saree or dupatta. He always kept this deep secret hidden from everyone. This disclosure was made by Kamal Amrohi's son Tajdar Amrohi in one of his interviews.

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