After the Chandigarh incident, watch Kangana's old video, this is how she slapped a journalist for asking a question

Ronit Kawale
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A shocking incident happened with Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport on Thursday. A female CISF constable posted at the airport slapped her during checking and this news spread like a storm. Everyone is shocked by this act of the female constable. Later it was reported that the constable was angry at some old statement of Kangana regarding the farmers because the mother of that female security personnel was also involved in the farmers' movement against which the actress had raised her voice. Well, at this time various discussions are going on on this issue and everyone is shocked. People are expressing their displeasure against this incident in large numbers. At the same time, an old video of Kangana has surfaced in which she slaps the journalist while answering his questions. However, this slap is not something on which displeasure can be expressed.

In this video, Kangana is seen answering the questions of a journalist. Kangana is asked if she ever wanted to become a police inspector? To this she says- no, never. Then she is asked if she would ever want to do such a role? To this she says- yes, the role would be really good.

Kangana is seen slapping him on his cheeks

After this the journalist says something else, on which Kangana slaps him on his cheeks. However, she is seen slapping him lovingly, after which the journalist stands there holding his cheek and Kangana leaves from there.

Many comments are coming about Kangana

At this time, after the Chandigarh incident, people are watching this video a lot. People have also commented a lot. Someone has said- what is this before the swearing-in ceremony. At the same time, some said- Kangana was so good earlier.

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