Actress Hema had taken drugs at a rave party, police claim – the actress has been found positive

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Bengaluru police have revealed that Telugu actress Hema also consumed drugs. She has also been found positive along with 86 people caught in the rave party. On Monday morning, May 20, the police raided a farm house after a party in Bengaluru. On the same day, Hema released a video claiming that she was not at the party, but the police claim differently. They have found the actress involved in it as traces of drugs have been found in her blood. Bengaluru police have claimed in the press release that the event took place on May 19 and 20. A large gathering was organized under the guise of someone's birthday celebration. However, the police found that drugs were being consumed at the party. Contrary to Hema's video, the police also claim that they have her flight tickets which are proof that she went to Bengaluru. They have also called her statements false.

Rave party under the guise of a birthday party

Vasu had a birthday party in which more than 100 people attended. An FIR was filed on May 19, in which the complaint stated that all of them were disturbing the peace of the people and consuming and selling illegal substances like MDMA, cocaine and hydro-ganga. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) has taken over the investigation from Electronic City and Hebbagodi police stations. They are preparing to issue notices and call for questioning those who have tested positive in the drug test. According to the statement, Hema was also among the 86 people present there who were found consuming drugs.

Hema had released a video to clarify

Hema released a video in which she claimed that her name was dragged without any reason and she was at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Hema claimed that she was constantly receiving calls from journalists and well-wishers about her alleged arrest. Releasing the video, she said that she is in Hyderabad, not in Bengaluru. Please do not believe the rumors. I don't know who is there, it is false news that I was at the party.

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