Aahana Kumara: If I don't play the role of a mother now, will I play it after 80 years? Auditions have become a joke in the country

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Aahana Kumara, who has been active in Hindi cinema for a decade and a half, has neither become a part of any group in the industry nor does she want to be. She values ​​patience and after a little wait, she tastes its sweet fruits. Recently, Aahana came to Lucknow, where she spoke openly about auditions, groups, comedy and the disadvantages of being an outsider in the industry.

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If not now, will I play the role of a mother after 80 years?

I did not work for two years in between, but then I shot for a month with Rajat Kapoor and Purab Kohli in Dehradun. This film has been made keeping in mind today's parents and children. Nowadays, there are a lot of differences between parents. In such a situation, a six-seven year old child gets crushed in their bickering. By the way, divorce has also become very common these days. I hear that divorce happened in just six months, while the marriage cost so much. This is a film that will show marriage from a child's point of view. In this, I am playing the role of a mother and Purab is playing the father, while Rajat Kapoor will be seen playing my father's role. I am not afraid of playing the role of a mother. If I will not play the role of a mother now, will I do it after 80 years? Today's heroines do not want to get stuck in such stereotypical roles. I always look at the role and try to do something new in it. I had never played the role of a mother before. I liked the story and the cast, so I immediately agreed. Apart from this, I am also doing an action series.

The more patience we have, the sweeter the fruit will be.

In the film industry, people only try to get work for their children. By the way, which field is there where there is no nepotism? It is difficult to get work for the first time in our profession. Especially for girls. By the time I start getting work for the first time, 10 years have passed. Today's time is such that pictures of children of big people are published in big magazines, while outsiders like us take 10-15 years to reach them. You take any actor, like Jaideep Ahlawat, Gulshan Devaiah or Vijay Verma. How much hard work has to be done, how much effort has to be made. It is more difficult for women here, because roles are not written for them. Even the few good roles that are written, they are given to someone's daughter, someone's niece or a relative of the producer. It is difficult because I did not work for two years. I sat at home. People told me to do any work. I said why should I? It is my wish, I will not do it. I have done good work till now, and will do good work in future too. I have no problem waiting. Actually, the game of waiting is made for artists only. The more patience you have here, the sweeter the fruit you will get. Now the fruit of patience is getting sweeter.

I am not a part of any group and never will be.

I was neither there before, nor am I there now, nor will I be a part of any group in the future. Everyone thinks that you will go to parties of big people, mingle with them, eat food with them, but I do not have time for all this. I keep running from morning to evening. I did a travel show. Whatever work I did not do in between, I just toured the whole of India. I enjoyed touring India a lot, because there is no other country like ours. How different are South and North? There is a new culture everywhere. Food is also different according to the place. I have traveled the whole world, but the hospitality that is there in India is not found anywhere else. During the travel show, I got a chance to meet new people and hear new stories. I traveled for about a year.

People think heroines aren't funny

It is easy to make the audience cry but difficult to make them laugh. When I did 'Sandwich Forever', my team had Atul Kulkarni, who had never been offered comedy. I consider myself lucky that I got a good comedy show. Actually, such shows are not easily available. People think that girls are not funny, especially heroines. Still we have to know that there are many people who can do comedy. When we did 'Sandwich', Atul got emotional. He said, 'Arre yaar, no one gives me comedy roles. I used to say, 'No one gives me such roles.' Both of us have the same story. We formed a lovely group of Zakir bhai, Divya Sethe, Atul, Kunal, writer Bharat Kukreja and Pankaj Sudhir Mishra. Now we just call each other Sandwich

I am an actor, not a politician

Long ago, a party in Muzaffarnagar was offering me a ticket. I laughed out loud. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then they said seriously that we really want to give you the ticket. I said, why are you giving it to me? I am an actor, not a politician. I will join when I get time, but not now. My mother is in the police. Politics is discussed all day in our house. We only watch news and politics. This is the only debate going on in our house.

We will take auditions and lock big actresses

There is no audition round going on at the moment, but for big films, one has to give it. They will take us for audition and lock it with some big actress. They take auditions just to fill the numbers. I think auditions have become a joke in this country now. Recently I went to Los Angeles for 24 hours. There is a big show called Suits, whose spin-off is coming. After watching my show, the creator there called my agent and asked him to call him here. I was in the middle of a drama and went there on a four-day vacation. There the creator, executive producer and casting director took my audition. Here a casting assistant will take the audition and then will not even tell you whether the selection is happening or not. You will follow up 10 times. Here the casting directors do not even meet you. Casting assistants do not reply to you. We have to tell them that brother we have also done some work. I do not like the way actors are treated here. Actually there is a lot of supply here. Nowadays, influential people are getting more acting jobs and actors stay at home.

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