A share of Rs 18 became worth Rs 324, gave a return of 1650 percent in just 4 years.

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This stock is near its 52 weeks high.
The company does the work of installing towers and pillars.
This company was established in the 80s.

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New Delhi. On March 31, 2020, the price of one share of Skipper Limited was Rs 18.51. Today this share has reached Rs 324. In just 4 years, this stock has given a return of 1650 percent to its investors. Skipper Limited does the work of installing towers and pillars. It is included among the world's leading manufacturers in terms of transmission and distribution structure. The company also manufactures polymer pipes. Its products are used in 48 countries.

If someone had invested Rs 100 in this share 4 years ago, today this amount would have increased to Rs 1750. If someone had invested even Rs 50,000 in this share, this amount would have increased to Rs 8.75 lakh today. An investment of just Rs 20,000 would have become Rs 3.5 lakh today. At the same time, an investment of Rs 1 lakh would have increased to Rs 17.50 lakh.

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271% return in 1 year
According to the information available on BSE, the company's shares have given a return of 271 percent in one year. This stock has made a loss of 2.40 percent in the last one month. At the same time, this share has increased by about 8.50 percent in the last one week. The 52 weeks high of this stock is Rs 401 and the 52 weeks low is Rs 87.39.

financial position of the company
The market cap of this company is Rs 3600 crore. The promoters of the company hold 66.26 percent shares of this company while 33.74 percent shares are distributed among the public. The company had received revenue of Rs 801 crore in the December quarter of FY24 and its net profit was Rs 17.78 crore. The company was established in 1981 and its MD and CEO is Sajan Bansal.

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