A restaurant in Thailand was given the wrong rating and a tourist was jailed

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Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Traveling here is also very cheap. That's why most foreigners plan a trip to Thailand. Well, as easy as it is to visit Thailand, it is equally important to follow the rules and regulations here. This is because giving a fake rating to a restaurant proved costly for a tourist.

According to a news, a 21 year old British tourist wanted to take a shortcut route to his home. So he went inside the restaurant, but the restaurant owner stopped him from doing so. There was a lot of debate between the two regarding this matter. After this, Alexander posted the wrong rating of the restaurant on social media to take revenge. While earlier the rating of the restaurant was 4.8, later it was reduced to 3.1. This had a direct impact on the hotel business.

After which the owner arrested the tourist after the complaint. Let us tell you that defamation is considered a serious crime in Thailand. For this the person can be jailed for up to 2 years. So let us know about some strict rules of Thailand, if not followed, you may get into trouble.

Defamation is a punishable offense in Thailand.

In Thailand you cannot make false statements about anyone even jokingly. Be it online or offline. If something you say causes any harm to someone's reputation and business, you are guilty in their eyes. Under Section 328 of the Penal Code, you can be jailed for up to two years. Therefore, do not take any step in anger which will have adverse effect on you.

Nightlife can become a lifelong punishment.

It is every foreigner's dream to enjoy the night life of Thailand. If you are going to this country for the first time then it is important to be careful. Because here many types of wrong people keep roaming on the streets at night. There is a provision for punishment for consuming, possessing or smuggling illegal drugs. Once you get caught in all this, you can face a long jail sentence, fine or even death sentence.

Making a wrong gesture in a public place is a crime

Making a wrong gesture in a public place is a crime

Making inappropriate gestures at someone in a public place is a punishable offense in Thailand. If you are going to visit Thailand, then take special care of this. Not only this, people here do not even consider it right to shake hands. Therefore, instead of shaking hands with strangers, greet them with folded hands.

Punishment for insulting monks.

Punishment for insulting monks.

People in Thailand follow Buddhism. That is why you will find sadhus everywhere here. If sages come before you, you should treat them with respect. It is a crime to insult them here. Apart from this, having physical relations with sadhus is also considered wrong here. This rule applies to both men and women.

No selfie with Buddha statue

No selfie with Buddha statue

Just as taking selfies in temples is prohibited in India, similarly taking selfies with Buddha statues is prohibited in Thailand. It should also be kept in mind that the Buddha statue should not be disrespected even by mistake. It is prohibited to spread one's legs in front of the statue of Mercury, but if one sees the statue while roaming around, one should respect it. Many challenges may have to be faced if the rules are not followed.

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