79 crore people remain hungry every day, food of 1 billion people is wasted every day.

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The biggest role is played by the common man, hotel and restaurant owners.
In 2022, 19 percent of total grain was wasted globally.
If wastage is stopped, hunger will end in the world.

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New Delhi. It is a strange irony that on one hand the world is a victim of starvation and on the other hand millions of tonnes of food grains are wasted. You will be surprised to see the figures of food wastage and starvation released by the United Nations. It has been said in this report that more food grains are wasted every day than the number of people in the world who go to sleep hungry every day. Hotel and restaurant owners play the biggest role in this.

In fact, the United Nations report states that in the year 2022, 19 percent of the total grain production globally, i.e. about 1.05 billion tons of grain was wasted. The UN Environment Programme's Food Waste Index report monitors countries' progress in halving food waste by 2030. It has been said in this report that if the wastage of grains is stopped then starvation can be eliminated from the world.

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Most countries send reports
The United Nations said the number of countries reporting for the index has almost doubled since the first report in 2021. In the report of the year 2021, it was estimated that in the year 2019, 17 percent of the food produced globally i.e. 931 million tonnes of grain was wasted. However, its actual figures have not been received from all the countries yet.

Every person wastes 79 kg of grain
Researchers analyzed country data on households, food services and retailers. They found that each person wastes about 79 kilograms (about 174 pounds) of food annually. Which is equivalent to at least one billion plates of food being wasted every day around the world. The report says that currently 783 million people in the world face severe hunger every day, while 1 billion people's food is wasted.

Most of the food is thrown away in homes
The most shocking thing in the report is that the largest share in the food grains being wasted comes from the homes of the common man. You will be surprised to know that 60 percent of the total wasted food grains are thrown away in homes. Apart from this, 28 percent of the grain is wasted by hotels and restaurants, while 12 percent of the grain is being wasted by retailers. Report author Clementine O'Connor says it is a complex problem, but can be tackled through collaboration and systemic action. The food crisis is deepening in many places in the world.

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