50 years of Shyam Benegal in Indian cinema, this was his journey from 'Ankur' to 'Mujeeb'

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Report: Chaudhary Zia Imam. Shyam Benegal is seen as a bridge between realistic and commercial cinema. His cinema is famous all over the world for realism. But, the wonder of his films is that despite being realistic, they were also successful from a commercial point of view.

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Message given in films different from mainstream

Shyam Benegal's films are completely different from mainstream cinema. Made with a realistic approach, the story of his films is always driven by a purpose. His goal has been to convey this purpose to the people so that a clear message can be given to the society.

Recently released films broke Bangladesh box office records

Shyam Benegal's 'Mujeeb'

In 2024, Shyam Benegal will complete 50 years in Indian cinema. Last year, his film 'Mujib: The Making of a Nation' was released. This film was highly appreciated all over the world and it was also commercially successful. This film is based on the life of Bangladesh's first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It broke all the box office records of Bangladesh.

After 48 years, that great film is returning to the theatres, whose producers are 5 lakh farmers, who donated Rs 2 each
Navbharat TimesShyam Benegal told the truth of the industry, the great director of the century told the distance of 12 years

Started with 'Ankur' in 1974

shyam benegal ankur movie

Shyam Benegal started with the film 'Ankur'

Shyam Benegal's journey of giving a commercial touch to realistic cinema began with 'Ankur' released in 1974. Many actors became film stars overnight with 'Ankur'. Although this film is seen from an artistic point of view, it is also successful from a commercial point of view. 'Ankur' producer Lalit M. Bijlani made it in just five lakh rupees and it earned one crore rupees in those days.

Flurry of awards, 3 national awards received

'Ankur', which received national and international acclaim, won 43 awards. 'Ankur' won three awards at the 22nd National Film Awards. It was the second best feature film of that year, Sadhu Mehar won the Best Actor and Shabana Azmi won the Best Actress award.

Started with advertisements, was a copywriter in an advertising agency

Shyam Benegal started his career in 1959 as a copywriter in an advertising agency. In 1962, he made his first documentary film 'Gher Baitha Ganga', which was based on Mahi Sagar Dam. After this, it took more than a decade to make his first feature film. Benegal, who has completed 50 years, has enriched Indian cinema during this time by doing many works in the form of films and serials.

Determined to stick to the goal, years of hard work, perseverance and determination

shyam benegal films

Shyam Benegal's films created history

Benegal, who has set new dimensions in the field of film direction and production, has years of hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance behind his success. He had decided his life's goal at a very young age and kept working on it with full concentration. There were many difficulties on the way, but he did not deviate from his goal at all.

Father was an inspiration, he was a famous photographer

Shyam Benegal's father Shridhar Benegal was a famous photographer. Shyam Benegal was inclined towards the camera since childhood. The camera attracted him like a magnet. It became his childhood companion. His father was passionate about photography and filmmaking. When he captured the important moments of his family and children on camera, he felt as if he was writing a poem on the film reel. Every corridor, every corner of his house was filled with the art of filmmaking. Shyam Benegal got inspiration from his father.

Shyam Benegal took a risk and did not back down

Shyam Benegal is a man of many talents. He is a writer, painter, producer and director. He loves filmmaking and music. He has achieved the position he is in today on his own. Before entering the film world, he mastered the art of storytelling, be it technical or artistic. Making meaningful cinema in the crowd of popular commercial films was a very challenging task. The biggest risk was of being rejected. But Shyam Benegal did not back down at any cost.

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