5 questions that will increase the closeness between you and your partner

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What do you do to make your relationship or marriage a little stronger? If your answer is 'nothing much, just hanging out', then you two are not as close to each other as you probably should be. Closeness to your partner and strength in your relationship come when you try something new with your partner from time to time.

The best way to know your partner well is through face-to-face communication and asking questions. If you are confused about what to ask your partner, you can try some of the questions given below. These 5 questions will help you know your partner and bring you closer to each other.

first question

While talking to your partner, ask him/her, 'What was that thing that I said that still hurts you?' Believe me, this question of yours will not only give you an idea of ​​your partner's pain but will also help you use your words correctly. Apart from this, speaking your mind will also ease your partner's mind.

second question

Another question you can ask your partner is, 'What is something about you that I don't understand or have difficulty understanding? It is very important to ask these questions to give a better status to every relationship. Sometimes the situation becomes such that we misunderstand our partner or ignore his words considering them unnecessary. In such a situation, ask them these questions and clarify things.

third question

third question

This is a question that can take your relationship on the right path. Ask your partner this question, 'What are you most afraid of in our relationship?' When you ask your partner this, listen to him/her carefully, this will help you in taking every possible step to save your relationship in future.

fourth question

fourth question

Every boy or girl wants to hear the same answer from their partner, 'What is the thing that makes me different from others?' We date or test a lot of people before committing, but we always stay with the same person. Because in them we see all the qualities that we want in our life partner. Especially when your partner asks this question, he is happy that you are praising him.

Fifth question

fifth question

This is the last question you should ask your partner every six months or year: 'If you were asked to change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?' This is a question that will not only strengthen your relationship but will also give you a chance to correct your mistakes. Therefore, you should also ask your partner for answers to these questions today or this week and increase your closeness to each other.

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