41% people said- water quality is good but not drinkable, big revelation in survey

Ananya Shroff
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NBT News Desk: There is a shortage of water in many states of the country, especially drinking water. On one hand, the capital Delhi is in the grip of severe heat, on the other hand, there is news of monsoon arriving before time in Kerala and many areas of the country. But due to lack of adequate and proper infrastructure to collect rainwater, there is a shortage of drinking water. According to a survey by Local Circles, about 6.3 crore people in the country are not able to get clean drinking water. In such a situation, people are falling prey to diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid.

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According to the survey, a report by the World Health Organization has highlighted that there is a need to ensure safe drinking water management for all households in India. About 22 thousand people from more than 322 districts of the country participated in the survey. The survey revealed that only 4% of Indian families said that they get clean drinking water from their local plant. At the same time, 41% said that the quality of water they get is good but not potable.

26% of Delhi residents said pipeline supply is bad

3733 people from Delhi took part in the survey. Out of these, 28% said that they use water purifiers to purify water. 41% use RO, 6% use alum and other minerals, 8% purify water by heating and 4% use earthen pots. 8% said that they use bottles for drinking and eating and 4% said that they drink whatever is supplied and do not purify it. Whereas 26% people said that the water coming from the pipeline is bad. 24% called it average, 19% good, 13% very bad and 6% very good. 9% said that there is no pipeline water in the house. The remaining 3% did not give any response on this.

How to purify water for drinking and cooking at home?

– 27% said, using water purifier

– 33% said, using RO system

– 20% of the indicated boiling water

– 7% said, using alum and other minerals

– 3% said they used clay pots

– 4% said they do not need clean water

– 3% said they use a bottle for drinking/eating

– 3% said they drink whatever water is available

What is the quality of piped water supplied by the local municipality/water department?

– 25% said it was average

– 22% said water is good

-19% said it was very good

– 14% said the quality was poor

– 11% said it was very bad

– 6% said that water is not coming from the pipeline

3% people did not answer

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