286 runs were scored on 1 ball, the most strange incident in the history of cricket, you will be surprised to know!

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Nowadays, people are so crazy about IPL that from offices to paan shops, you will see people watching the match on TV or mobile phones. The game of cricket is like this. There is so much excitement between victory and defeat that people remain glued to the screen to see and feel it. But many years ago, such a strange incident happened in the world of cricket, knowing which people are surprised. 286 runs were scored on 1 ball (1 Ball 286 run cricket match). Have you ever heard about this incident?

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A video was posted a few months ago on the Instagram account @bdm_cricket_fans which is becoming increasingly viral. It has been told in this video that there was a cricket match in the world in which 286 runs were scored on a single ball (1 ball 286 runs in cricket match). So is this video true or fake? An article about this has been published on the reliable website of the cricket world, ESPNcricinfo, which has explained about this incident in depth.

What is the truth of the incident?
According to the article, such an incident is recorded in history, but at that time the only source of this news was the English newspaper Pall Mall Gazette in which this news was published. This incident was not recorded in any camera. The report of that newspaper was later published in newspapers of many other countries, so it can be believed.

What is the whole incident?
This incident happened on 15 January 1894. This match was being played in Western Australia between two teams named Victoria and 'Scratch-XI'. This match was being played at Bonbury ground. Victoria's batsmen were batting. The batsman hit the ball in such a way that it got stuck in a tree in the field. What happened next, the batsmen started running on the pitch for runs. The ball was stuck very high and could not be removed. The opposition team appealed to the umpire to declare the ball lost so that they could prevent the batsmen from scoring runs. But the umpire rejected the appeal saying that the ball was in plain sight, hence it could not be declared lost.

It has been claimed in the report that the fielding team had asked someone to bring an axe, with which they could cut the tree and take down the ball, but even the ax could not be found there. Then a rifle was called for and the ball was aimed and brought down. When the ball came down, the players were so frustrated that they did not even think it was right to catch it. By that time the batsmen had scored 286 runs. He had run on the pitch for a total of 6 kilometers. Even today this incident shocks everyone, and many people do not even believe it.

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