25% return in 3 weeks! Just grab these three stocks

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25% return in 3 weeks!  Just grab these three stocks


A government company is also included in this stock with bumper returns.
SBI has been performing brilliantly since the year 2020.
It can touch the level of Rs 881 in 2 to 3 weeks.

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New Delhi. There is a bullish atmosphere in the Indian Stock Market at present. All types of investors, foreign or domestic, are earning bumper profits. Further, some such stocks are visible which can give you returns of up to 25 percent within just 2 to 3 weeks. Government company is also included in this. Experts say that these stocks are showing bumper profits in the short term.

Actually, the market seems to be at its high level right now. In recent days, trading has broken the head and shoulders pattern, which is expected to continue in the future. The target of Nifty is seen to reach 23,170 in the coming time. It is expected that 3 companies will benefit from this. Experts say that if you invest money in these 3 companies, you can get up to 25 percent return within 2 to 3 weeks.

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SBI will give Rs 200 profit
The country's largest bank SBI has been performing well since 2020. If we look at the trend of last 12 to 26 weeks, the SBI average is moving up rapidly. SBI stocks closed at the level of Rs 753 on March 28 and in 2 to 3 weeks it can touch the level of Rs 881. This means that you will get a strong return of 17 percent.

Highest returns in Aegis Logistics
Among the three stocks, the potential to give the highest returns is seen in Aegis Logistics. The stocks of this company have been on a rise since March 2022. The 12 to 26 week return of this stock is also above the average. Talking about returns in the next 2 to 3 weeks, this stock can reach the level of Rs 557. In the trading ended on March 28, this stock closed at the level of 445.55. In this way, a strong return of 25 percent is being received in just 21 days.

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Strong performance by Aurobindo Pharma
The third company in this series is Aurobindo Pharma which has been performing well since February 2023. This company can give you returns up to 20 percent. In the trading ended on March 28, the shares of this company closed at the level of Rs 1,090 with a jump of 2 percent. Within the next 3 weeks it can reach the price of Rs 1,314.

(Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned here are based on the advice of brokerage houses. If you want to invest money in any of these, then first consult a certified investment advisor. PressNews24 is not responsible for any profit or loss of yours. will be.)

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